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Default Photo Deception

I can understand the frustration with OP about their incorrect caption, but I must say that in this instance it isn't a big deal. Outdoor has never been a publication aimed at the scientific community or the presentation of specimens behaving in the wild.

Their own website describes them as "When it comes to capturing nature's beauty at its best, you can't beat the photography tips from Outdoor Photographer. From reviews on photography equipment to the latest photography techniques, explore it all here."

If the caption mistake had been made in National Wildlife, National Geographic, or Smithsonian to name a few, then it would be a big deal.

The simple fact is that sometimes photography is just about art, just about executing a personal vision - not science, not conservation, not ecology.

I've not seen the image, and I don't know who the photographer is, but it is possible that the caption is descriptive, they are Blue Morphos, and they are in San Francisco. I'm not arguing that the caption is scientifically accurate, but perhaps that isn't the intention of the caption.

Perhaps the caption describes what the photographer was trying to achieve, and they did so by using mounted specimens.
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