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I didn't realize the caption read as you quoted. As I said, I haven't subscribed to OP in several years, and so I didn't see the published image first hand - and didn't realize they wrote the caption to read as such.

It seems the image might be something better suited to a magazine that celebrates creativity and ingenuity in creating the surreal - perhaps something like After Capture, though I don't read that either.

I think one of the core problems here is this perception that the image and the photographer are less because the scene was "set-up". It's what drives (and I don't know who's fault it is) people to not disclose how or why they took the image. If we as a community didn't look down upon people who set up shots, then there wouldn't be any motivation from photographers or publishers to make everything seem as wild as possible.

Deceiving the audience is one step further. Photographers should make the details of their images available - the only problem here is that as soon as people find out that an image was taken at a game farm, or set up, it is looked down upon. There's just no motivation for publishers or photographers to be forthcoming with this information.

They would have been better just leaving the image with no caption at all.
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