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Default HD Video

The NanoFlash adapter will allow you to record in 4-2-2 with either the Sony Ex1 or Ex3 through the SDI port. This is a pretty big step up, and almost a lateral move in price, considering how much Sony asks for the SxS media that only records in 4-2-0.

Traditionally in a studio setting this type of recording would have been done directly to a computer, but if you're looking to do wildlife, the NanoFlash might be a good option. Sony's SxS system has one advantage in that the cards are much lighter weight that the NanoFlash and corresponding battery will be. I know they show it as camera mountable, and I'm sure it is, but thinking to how much weight my small receiver for wireless lavallier mics is, and it all adds up when you're shooting hand-held. If you're on a tripod, no problem.

As for the Lotus Adaptor, I've heard good things about them, but can't comment myself as I've not used one and don't know how they would be on a wildlife shoot.

I hope this helps a bit. I know initially the difference between 4-2-2 and 4-2-0 might sound like a lot, but there are many production companies that seamlessly mix the footage on the same project. If your scene is well lit, both really produce a pretty good video. It's analagous to shooting JPEG instead of RAW. JPEG is almost the same quality if you're image is properly exposed and spot on during the recording - the difference is the leeway to make changes should something need tweaking, that's where 4-2-2 has the advantage.


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