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My name is Bonnie. I'm 35, work a regular job that I can't stand, have 2 boys ages 16 and 9, and I'm going to school full time.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, so there is no shortage of nature around here. Since I don't have much spare time to get out, when I do, I appreciate it all the more. The same goes for getting a great shot. "Right place, right time" is a little hard to come by with my schedule, so when I come home with something that I think is good, I can't wait to show my family.

I'm not a professional photographer by definition by any means (I don't pay the bills with my camera), but I am working on selling prints. I just sold my first few prints at my son's school holiday bazaar last weekend, and I just got approved for another one next weekend. That's pretty exciting for me.

My favorite things to shoot are waterfalls. I love waterfalls. Close behind are flowers, and I love mountains and lakes as well. Pretty much anything that catches my eye. I love creating photographs that convey the beauty that I see as I see it, when I'm out and about doing one of my favorite hobbies besides photography-- hiking.

I have also been known to do some portraits and weddings, but that's a little off-topic for this forum.

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