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Default Green Paper

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your thoughful reply. I agree that photography is inherintly 'dirty.' However, the digital age has allowed me to take more pictures, while lessening my carbon footprint. Especially since 100% (except for the largest prints 16x20 and larger) of all prints now come from my computer and printer. This is a vast improvemt from the old film days. Accordingly, it seems that Hahnemuhle has the market cornered with their Sugar Cane and Bamboo papers. I looked at Red River "Green Pics" paper and was not satisfied with the quality; it did not have the feel of a fine art paper and their continued quality and batch to batch control brought quality control issues to mind. Like you, I am inclined to give Hahnemuhle the benefit of the dought and hope that they have a way of sustainably farming the bamboo. After playing with the Sugar Cane and Bamboo papers I find that I like them both for different reasons. I like the heavier texturing of the Sugar Cane but the Bamboo seems to be easier to print on. Both papers do a wonderful job with color gamut and black and white.

As far as stressing, I am a nature photographer who shoots mostly from a kayak and always within 250 miles of my home. Accordingly, through my art, I am making a statement about the beauty of Pennsylvania's natural world and trying to instil the importance, through my art, of our fragile environment as well as what's in our "backyard" that the average person can't see because of not being on the water. Furthermore, using a quality "green " paper furthers my niche market and demonstrates that you can create photographic fine art in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Again, thanks for your thoughts and input. I was happy to see that your research validated what I found.



...mostly shooting wading birds and other fine art environmental images from a kayak within an hour from my Philadelphia home. Is anyone interested in joining me?
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