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I would have expected more from NANPA. One of the reasons I joined NANPA was because I expected that their members would be more sensitive to photography's impact on the environment. I agree with you that photography is inherently dirty. I also agree that we (nature photographers/artists) should be using our art toward the environment's best good.

Are you reading this mods and NANPA staff? Maybe it's time to revisit an article about photography's environmental impact and how that can be lessened. For example, several years ago I made a commitment that all of my photography would stay within Pennsylvania's borders and thus limit my carbon footprint. During this time I have discovered a wondrously diverse state that has tidal areas, mountains, some of the darkest night-time sky east of the Mississippi, old growth forests; and have been able to share this diversity (through my images) to people who had no idea what is in their proverbial backyard. An example of this is my website's masthead image that shows a bald eagle perched on one end of a log and a painted turtle on the other end. This image was captured while kayaking at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, less than one mile from Philadelphia International Airport!



...mostly shooting wading birds and other fine art environmental images from a kayak within an hour from my Philadelphia home. Is anyone interested in joining me?
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