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Default Hi. I'm new here.

I just joined NANPA after several years of putting it off for no apparent reason other than I'm a little lazy at times. Glad I finally joined. NANPA offers such a vast array of resources and seems to be a great community of like-minded folks. I'm looking forward to participating in the forums. Here's my bio off of Flickr:

I'm a photographer. Nature and adventure mostly. I hike. I camp. I hike and camp and call it backpacking. I mountain bike. I canyoneer. I road trip. I photograph while hiking, camping, mountain biking, road tripping and canyoneering.

I sell prints. I sell stock. I lead workshops. I guide photographers. I develop iPhone apps. I blog. I twitter. I facebook.

I'm a husband. I'm a dad. I'm a brother, friend and sometimes an enemy. I like hefeweizen. I eat dark chocolate. I don't eat meat off the bone. Yes, I'm weird.

Check out my workshops at:

My personal website: (Completely redesigned site launching in mid-February)

Read my blog at:

See my iPhone apps at: (New site under construction)

Follow me on twitter:

Become a fan on Facebook:

Enjoy life. Photograph much. And remember: a bad day in the outdoors is always better than a good day at the office. Unless you have to cut off your own arm.


Bret Edge
Moab, Utah

P.S. If it is against the rules to include links to your site(s) in the welcome forum please excuse my ignorance and delete this post. I'll re-post my bio w/o the links.
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