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Default Pros meeting topics

Both good topics for sure. As a full time travel stock photographer I find that stock prices continue to go down ... and down. Part of the problem is the fact (as always) that photographers are so ready and willing to GIVE their work away for a promise of a book, or bi-line. It kills all of us in the long run. Flicker is a BIG problem for sure. What I don't understand is the fact that text book editors will "trust" the images they are grabbing at Flicker. Anybody can post anything & say anything about the image they what or "think". I work VERY hard to caption my images correctly. My reputation ... and that of my agent depend on it! It just doesn't seem to count for much these days.

One other topic that has been on my mind is bi-lines. With agents, sub-agents, group contracts, etc. the photographer is getting a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. In addition to the photographer often getting the smallest cut ... National Geographic Traveler recently used one of my images and ALL the agents got their name on the image ... everybody got credit except for ME the photographer! Only a 20% cut for me on some of my images ... and now I don't even get photo credit! What is up with that! It's bad enough that so many images have NO credit line ... but to have a credit line that has everybody's name EXCEPT for the photographer is just wrong. There must be something we can do as professionals so the photographer gets FIRST credit before any agents or sub agents?
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