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Default Limited vs Open Edition of fine prints

Greetings to all and I hope everyone will enjoy and participate in the new forums. Thanks to all those who have worked diligently to get the forums up and running, especially Doug Otto and John Lock.

A question that I keep revisiting over and over, and one I know has no one answer, is whether to sell my prints and limited or open editions. There are legitimate reasons for doing either. And I had answers that range from it only makes sense to sell limited editions if the edition size is limited to only 10 or 12 to limited editions are just not appropriated for photography. To date, I have sold only limited editions of 200. After discussions with several photographers and the director of our local art museum as to what is appropriate for photography, I am leaning toward maintaining the limited edition concept but making 75 the edition size. The museum director said it this way: "...buyers aren't usually interested in the actual edition size, but only that there won't be an unlimited number and end up being sold at Wal-Mart as a poster." This makes sense to me.

I would be very interested in hearing any and all opinions on the subject.

bill plunkett
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