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I really dug your trailer. The dissolves into the loon singing and the mergansers in the fog were breathtaking. Your editing style is precisely what I was shooting for in my first short film. For a first try, I did pretty good I think, I'll point it out when it's actually available for viewing which should be soon.

Which brings up Vimeo, does it do a good job marketing video for you?

The Canon cameras might be announced officially tomorrow. There is a press event in London. The invitations said something about "at the movies with Canon." So with the prototype making some showings around, mysterious style where Canon basically says that's what it looks like, but we're not going to tell you any features; and the codec being announced, I'm hopeful that tomorrow's event will announce them. It would be nice if there would be one to check out in Reno, but I doubt the timing will work out correctly. I'd definitely need to make arrangements to get out of the review room for a few minutes to go check it out.
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