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Default Lightroom Catalog Table Structure

Some of you know that I am an old gray-beard programmer from a prior life. Well I decided to build an application for my own in-house use that reads information from a Lightroom Catalog. Doubt that it will ever be a commercially viable app but then you never know.

I need to read information from the LR catalog (actually, a copy of the catalog) which is actually a SQLite RDBMS. I can find all the information I am looking for in the various cryptic tables in the database. Problem is I can't figure out how to tie the rows in the various tables together for a particular image. Most tables contain fields for id_local and id_global but they don't match across tables.
I thought it would be obvious how the tables were structured by creating a catalog with only 3 images in it with very clear caption and title information in each. This is how I know that what I thought would be the primary keys (tied to a particular image) don't contain the same values.
Does anyone know how the tables are structured, or where they are documented or who I can contact for more information?
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