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Originally Posted by kirch67713 View Post
I have had a request for the use of one of my landscape photos in a 1/2 page advertisement for a mortgage business in a local real estate magazine with a circulation of 13,000 per month on only one western state.

I have pricing lists from Pricing Photography, 3rd edition by Michal Heron and David MacTavish. This was published in 2002.

My understanding is that prices for one time, nonexclusive use have steadily declined since then.

Can anyone give me an estimate for such a small distribution on this advertisement?

Prices decline only if you let them. FotoQuote gives a price range of $654 to $1038 for 1/2 page and a print run of 10,000 to 25,000 for local magazine advertising.

This will give you a starting point.

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