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Hi Ray,

thanks for reply. I have got my method worked out now. I really didn't what to have to navigate through all image files in my folders. I have a SQLite database for images that are either at my stock agent or that I sell prints of. These images are all identified with an ImageID number that has been included in a custom metadata field in the LR Catalog. That way I can use my SQL app and access only the image records in the LR catalog that have an ImageID. After some time spent "hacking" the catalog structure I've got it all sorted out. Unfortunately, the only way to get to a couple of the fields like Title and Caption is to parse the XMP data stored in one of the tables. This would be the same data you are accessing by reading the metadata from the image file itself. LR stores a copy of the XMP in a field in the SQL table. The parsing is a little messy but it does get to all the data I need in my application, being prototyped in REALBasic but will actually be written in XCODE (Objective-C)

see you later Ray,
William (Bill) Plunkett
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