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Default How To Post An Image

1) Login to the forums
2) Click on the subject area within Photo Sharing & Critique
3) Click on either blue button that says New Thread
4) This will open the thread for you to enter the image information you want to share
Enter your Title in the title box
Enter your text about the image in the large white box, tell us about the image, what type camera system was use, exposure information, location where you got the shot, etc.
5) Scroll down to the ATTACH FILES section
7) Click on BROWSE and select the image from your computer you want to post, remembering the following:
Image file size must be less than 200kb
Longest edge of the image cannot exceed 750 pixels
If either of these two requirements are exceeded it will not let you post the image
8) In the folder where you image resides, click once to highlight and then click on OPEN
9) When you click OPEN, you will see the address of your image show up in the white box next to the word BROWSE
10) Click on the button UPLOAD to the right of the BROWSE button
11) Wait until you see your file show up in the ATTACH FILES box
12) At the bottom of the page, click on SUBMIT NEW THREAD button.
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