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Old 08-21-2012, 09:01 AM
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Default 2013 NANPA Summit Feb 28-Mar 3

NANPA Summit: Feb 28. - Mar. 3, 2013
Florida is home to some of North America's top nature photographers and top photography destinations. It's also home to NANPA's Eighteenth Nature Photography Summit. Join us in Jacksonville for the Summit.

We've got a fantastic program developed to help both professional and amateur photographers learn, network and collaborate. You're going to be joined by one of Florida's most famous (and entertaining) nature photographers -- Clyde Butcher -- for an intimate evening of beautiful images and stories. We've got a terrific lineup of speakers featuring George Lepp, Lewis Kemper, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Mary Virginia Swanson, Tony Sweet and many more. You'll have some very special and unique local activities with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens. And, we have a full educational program to help develop your photography skills and take your photography business to the next level. Most of all, the Summit is the best way for you to meet other photographers and renew friendships among fellow members who share your passion for nature photography.

Donít miss it Ė Register by October 31 and save $150.
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If you go to the Summit website, you'll see that we ought to be calling this the "Nature Photography All-Stars Summit." So many amazing presenters and diverse programs and events!

The pre-Summit Advance Your Skills Boot Camp and post-Summit Advance Your Business Pro Day are packed with programming that would be worth coming to Jacksonville, FL, alone!

Visit to see just how much is in store for everyone who attends!
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Default Summit Update

We have continued to fill out the speakers and program. It keeps getting better.

If you are going to attend the summit, I'd encourage you to also attend either the Pre Summit Boot Camp or the Post Summit Pro Day. Both sessions provide full days of relevant education.
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