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Old 08-05-2009, 06:33 PM
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Default Value of lost/destroyed images

I need some help. I made a submission of 90+ color 35mm slides followed by a later submission of about 100 separate digital files to a ad agency on a project for our local Chamber of Commerce. When the project was completed, I received one of two CDs (they now say they found the second) and NO color slides. They are lost. My delivery memo, never signed by the ad agency in spite of two specific requests do to so, valued the images at $1500 each. While I do have a few images I've made $1500 on, most I have not. The Chamber first accepted responsibility, now is waffling and trying to locate documentation from the agency that they in fact changed hands. I've asked the Chamber for compensation in writing. What's next?

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So do you have any acknowledgement from that they your images were received?
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This is really like any other business controversy - you want to be compensated for your loss and the chamber doesn’t want to pay.

If the chamber used some of your images on the slides submitted with the delivery memo then you have some evidence that the chamber actually received the slides and the memo. Even if the chamber did not sign the delivery memo, you still have the argument that, by using one or more of the images, the chamber took them subject to the conditions in the delivery memo.

If they lost 90+ unique slides then, at $1,500 per slide, you’re asking for $135,000+. For that amount of money, your problem may be something more appropriate for a lawyer than for a discussion forum.
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