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Default Bald Eagle WS, Hood Canal, WA June 27th

Dozens of Bald Eagles congregate every spring and summer at a specific location on Hood Canal, WA to feed on fish during the low tides. Award winning photographer Ken Archer and I will be leading a 1 day workshop to photograph these birds. The Olympic Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to this site allowing for scenic eagle shots and landscape shots as well. We have access to private tidelands where the eagles congregate in order to get close flying images of the birds.

The cost of the workshop is $235 which includes instruction, photography on private tidelands, a lunch of oysters and clams at a local residence, followed by a presentation on photographing birds in the wild, photography discussion and image review. To see the details of the trip please view I am also available to conduct private workshops there on certain other dates in June and July, please contact me for details.

I spent 3 days photographing there last week and came away with many fine images. There were about 40 eagles in the area interacting with each other and other birds including Great Blue Herons. To see some of my images from those days please view

Nate Chappell
Trogon Tours, Inc.
6612 76th St. W
Lakewood, WA 98499

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