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Old 10-14-2010, 12:48 PM
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Default Chobe National Park - Botswana - 22-31 August, 2011

This is a trip with a difference. Much of our time will be spent photographing from a specially equipped photo boat with static tripods equipped with Wimberley heads and the free use of four 500mm f4 and two 600mm f4 Nikkor lenses, so you won’t even have to lug your big glass all the way there!! (Assuming you are a Nikon shooter of course). Each seat rotates 360 degrees, with no obstructions, and ample space for the rest of your equipment. This is wildlife photography at the edge, no captive animals, no shooting from vehicles in midday sun.

Using a boat instead of land based vehicles we are able to make a quieter, unobtrusive approach to elephants, buffalo, puku, baboons, impala, zebra etc. Animals undertaking river crossings will be photographed from the animals perspective instead of looking down into the river as is so often the case. You will have the opportunity to photograph African wildlife with a unique flavour to it. Further, unlike land based vehicle operations we don't have to wait for the park gates to open nor rush back before they close, thus losing the best light every day.

Note that this tour subscribes to ethical wildlife codes. We will not provoke interaction nor bait any area - however, you will be guaranteed images of African wildlife interacting in a natural and dramatic manner.

We will photograph daily from sunrise until around 10am when we will return for a late breakfast, then go out again from around 2.00 pm until sunset, guaranteeing a minimum of seven hours of photography per day. Between photo sessions there will be image critiques, Photoshop and digital workflow sessions etc.

Your accommodation features large luxury rooms with all facilities and air conditioning

This trip is limited to ONLY 5 Photographers so don't delay - full details are at
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