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Default Acadia National Park, Puffins and more

Photograph Acadia National Park and the Maine Coastline with professional photographer John Slonina. We will be visiting one of our favorite places to photograph. It is one of the most dramatic areas on the east coast. Experience the magic of the rock bound coast and soaring granite cliffs where the mountains meet the sea.

June is a great time to photograph this awesome area. Beautiful forests, mountain peaks, wildflowers, birds, lakes, streams, waterfalls, lighthouses, tide pools, carriage roads etc. We also will be on the lookout for park wildlife including seals, deer, beavers, eiders, and foxes.

Be one of first people to see and photograph the rising sun in the country. Cadillac Mountain sweeping vistas has a view you will never forget.

On Monday we will be driving two hours north and join Captain Andy Patterson to take a boat trip to an island off the Maine coast to photograph puffins. From the blind on the island we will target puffins, razorbills, and terns. Some of the birds are just a few feet away. On the boat ride back we will look for seals. The Boat ride is included in the tour fee. On the ride back to Bar Harbor we will explore some hidden gems and quaint fishing harbors and seaside cliffs.


JUNE 24-29, 2011 Friday-Wednesday


$795 (this does not include hotel or food)

Deposit: $300

Balance Due 60 days before start of trip.

Suggested Lodging: A block of room is reserved under Slonina Photography

Acadia Pines Motel (877)- 288-0554 .

Estimated price $68-$94 night

We also will be taking a boat ride to Machias Seal Island to photograph Puffins, Razorbills, and Seals. The fee for the boat ride is included in the tour.

For more info please visit


If you cancel before 60 days of departure you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel within 60 days you will lose deposit amount.

Unless we are able to fill the spot. Then there will be a full refund.


This Is a first come first serve basis. Please contact our office if you would like to be added to the list.

Who should attend:

Anyone with a interest in photography from a beginner to professional photographer who has a love of being outdoors and nature. Both Digital and or Film shooters are welcome.

Group size:

Our groups are small in size and are normally limited to 6-8 people. This group size allows for flexibility in our plans if interesting and unexpected photo opportunities present themselves. Also it will allow us to work with each participate to provide complete, informative, helpful lessons.


The entire workshop is devoted to capturing the best nature images possible on digital camera or film. John draws upon his decades of experience as a professional photographer to offer several methods to improve your nature photography. John will share numerous proven beginner thru advanced techniques.

Why waste your time looking for the best hidden spots to photograph moose, waterfalls, best foliage etc. Hunters and fisherman use guides all the time. We do take participants to some well known locations as well as many secret spots only a few locals would know. We will put you in the right spot in the right time to help you produce top quality images.

On location, John will demonstrate how you can best use your equipment. We will do our best to help you get beautiful professional high dynamic quality images which will make gorgeous prints on your wall.

Before and after each workshop we will access each participants needs, interests and skills so we can teach techniques that will help each participant. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro we will help you grow as a photographer.

Some of the topics we will cover includes: Proper exposure, previsualizing images, composing great shots, different lens for different perspectives, close up and macro photography, using just your camera meter, specific landscape and wildlife techniques and tips. Autofocus techniques, extension tubes, converters, tripods and tripod heads. The advantages of using Manual vs. Autoexposure modes and how and when to use each one, Fstops etc.

Are you overwhelmed by the digital photography?

Digital photography has expanded the potential for every photographer to develop this own creative photographic vision. But serious photographers must deal with a huge selection of digital camera bodies and features and equipment. Also multiple choices from various software applications for converting, processing, and organizing images. With all these new choices itís no wonder that many consumers rate digital photography as the most confusing electronic devices to use.

We will explain file formats, memory cards, RAW capture, image transfer and archiving, white balance, 16-bit color depth and histograms, RAW vs TIFF vs JPG, and digital workflow. We will help you quickly and easily understand digital photography. We will explain the myths and mysteries of digital photography. At the end of the workshop you will be able to comfortably apply these tools and start your own unique style.

Time of Day:

Participating in a workshop is a great way to improve your photography. We believe in capturing the best light some our workshop include sunrise and sunset shoots (weather permitting). Early morning and later afternoon has the best lighting for photography. Mid day sunny days is not as photogenic and more windy. Also early morning has some other advantages less traffic and people, wildlife is more active, and less wind.

What you will learn:

Our job is not only to help you create beautiful images and have fun but also teach skills and techniques you can use to take your photography to the next, higher level! When the weekend is over, attendees will have a solid understanding of many basic and advanced principles related to nature photography.

About Me:

John Slonina is a professional nature photographer who has been photographing the nature for over 25 years. He estimates he has taken over 200,000 photos. He is also a love of natural history as well. You will receive education not just in photo technique, but also in the natural world you will be touring. Understanding the natural world not only increases your appreciation of nature but also helps you become a better nature photographer.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
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