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Default Discover San Diego: July 19th - 22nd

When: July 19th-22nd
Workshop Size: 10 participants
Instructors: Nick Chill & Byron O'Neal

Known for its beautiful beaches and cultural diversity, join us on this four-day workshop and discover San Diego through the eyes of two neighborhood professional photographers. This is a unique opportunity to experience the city as a local. As well as exploring the area's unique seaside photographic opportunities, we will be visiting iconic Balboa Park and introducing you to the fun side of street photography while spending an afternoon downtown during the world-renowned Comic Con. Costume not required. You’ll also get acquainted with a few of the culinary delights the city has to offer, providing unique image making opportunities of their own. You have never seen anything like the Lucha Libre Taco Shop, and we are planning a sunset shoot with a surfing model. This isn't just a photography workshop, it is a Southern California adventure.

This workshop is appropriate for all photographers regardless of skill level or equipment.

This is primarily a field oriented workshop but we have some classroom time set aside for a little Lightroom training and will conduct brief overviews of our shooting locations to get you mentally prepared for each outside session. We will cover lots of topics while we are out shooting including understanding your camera, capturing for HDR, the proper use of a polarizer, depth of field, using an ND or split ND filter, creative capture, understanding the landscape, using your histogram, street photography, and light painting. Nick and I each carry a backpack full of gear. If we have your brand or it fits on your camera, you are welcome to borrow it while we are out shooting. We will encourage you to take your camera off Program mode but we won't leave you to struggle when you do.

For more information, please visit us at O'Neal Photographic Workshops. See you soon.

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