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Old 07-11-2014, 08:42 AM
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Default Georgia Grilles & Mills Workshop - Sept 18-21, 2014

Georgia Grilles & Mills Workshop - September 18-21, 2014
If you love traveling back in time and have a fascination for all things old captured in a new way, consider joining me and Mark Hilliard on this adventure in northeast Georgia where we'll visit the world famous Old Car City USA (a photographer's mecca) beautiful grist mills and Howard Finster's Paradise Garden (a tribute to a king of folk art made with found objects) and more.

If you're familiar with the Wabi Sabi concept, this workshop highlights the appeal and beauty of decay combined with nature and surprisingly peaceful places End your time at an incredibly beautiful waterfall before you head home.. Hone your skills, take in the treasures, and join Jamie Konarski Davidson and Mark Hilliard for a weekend of photography, fellowship and fun!

This intermediate level workshop will include lots of in-the-field instruction, plus classroom presentations and critiques. Whether you love the landscapes and scenic or have a passion for the fine details in patterns, textures and plant life, you'll get all these and more! Whatever you want to learn, we're here to move you forward. (Loaner IR cameras available, too.)

Based in Cartersville, GA, you'll also get a chance to visit and photograph some incredibly unique and beautiful places that lend themselves to explorations in macro, intimate landscapes, cultural history, HDR, infrared, color and black/white. For more information, visit Jamie at To learn more about Mark, visit To download a flyer, go to
NANPA Members receive $25 DISCOUNT on registration.

Contact: Jamie Konarski Davidson/New Life Photos
Phone: 252.327.4567
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