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Old 04-14-2011, 04:40 PM
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Default Crested Butte Wildflower Photography Workshop, 21 - 24 July 2011

Please join us for a wonderful weekend workshop photographing the beautiful alpine wildflowers and mountain scenery surrounding Crested Butte, Colorado. Crested Butte is considered one of the premier locations in North America for photographing alpine wildflowers. The "peak" wildflower bloom can vary from year to year based on snowpack and weather conditions; however, based on our many years of experience photographing in the region, we're confident that we will have a wonderful variety of wildflowers to photograph during the weekend of 21-24 July 2011. By popular request, we've made this a three day "weekend" workshop so that participants only need to take one day off work in order to attend the workshop.

Photographing in Paradise, Robinson Basin, 2010 Crested Butte Wildflower Workshop

We will meet in Mount Crested Butte at the Nordic Inn for introductions and a short orientation on the evening of 21 July 2011, followed by three days of photography and workshop instruction on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th. We try to optimize our time in the field, which means getting an early start in the mornings, and will spend the evenings reviewing and critiquing our images from the day and learning post-processing techniques on the computer. We will check out of the hotel on the morning of the 24th, spend the morning photographing wildflowers, have our final workshop lunch in Crested Butte, and then travel home.

These three days of shooting and workshop instruction will allow enough time to visit the prime locations for wildflowers around Crested Butte, and plenty of time for individual instruction. We concentrate on providing individualized instruction targeted to your knowledge level and will tailor our instruction to meet your specific goals for the workshop. We are experienced at teaching all levels of photographers, from "point and shooters" to advanced digital SLR owners and firmly believe that equipment does not make the photographer; so please don't be hesitant to sign up for the workshop if all you own is a point and shoot camera. Our goal is to have every participant leave the workshop with a handful of images that they would be proud to print and display in a gallery or art show or in their home. I will guarantee that your photography (and post-processing skills) will improve during the workshop if you are engaged and willing to learn.

Columbine and Paintbrush, Emerald Lake, 2010 Crested Butte Wildflower Workshop

We’ve reserved a block of rooms at the Nordic Inn in Mt. Crested Butte for the nights of 21, 22, and 23 July. The rate for their "regular" room, which include two double beds, is $113 per night plus tax. You are welcome to make reservations at another location in Crested Butte if you want; however, staying at the same hotel will make it much easier to meet for the post-processing and Photoshop tutorials in the evening and for carpooling to the various locations where we will be photographing.

Indian Paintbrush
Six species of Indian Paintbrush are common in this region, the most spectacular is the Rosy Paintbrush, which occurs in moist meadow areas.

We have asked the Nordic Inn to “block” the rooms for the workshop (in order to make sure there is availability); however, once participants sign up for the workshop we ask them to call the Nordic Inn (800-542-7669) and put one of those rooms on their personal credit cards. (Although we help make arrangements, lodging is not included in the price of the workshop.) When you call the Nordic Inn, just let them know that you are part of the Spirit of Photography workshop, and want to reserve one of the blocked rooms. (Or they can look up Keith Snell to find the room reservations as well.)

Back-lit Columbine, West Maroon Basin rewarded us with an abundance of Columbine

Although we say that meals are not included, the Nordic Inn provides a very nice breakfast in the morning. In addition, on the days when we will be far afield and it would be inconvenient to travel back into town for lunch, we will provide a simple lunch of sandwiches and snacks for the participants. Participants are expected to pay for dinner on their own. Typically we’ll go out to dinner as a group, and enjoy the camaraderie of new friends and the opportunity to talk about photography. In the evening after dinner we’ll spend some time reviewing images and teaching post processing on the computer.

We will also have an opportunity to photograph the beautiful cascades on Waterfall Creek, and other cascades and waterfalls in the area if the workshop participants are interested.

Waterfall Creek

The workshop price is $295 per person (lodging and meals not included), with a $75 deposit to reserve your slot. The workshop is limited to 8 participants, with only three slots remaining, so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

I've attached a registration form for the workshop. We've asked for information in the form that will help us prepare for and run a more efficient workshop, so If you are planning to attend the workshop please complete and mail the form by 1 June 2011. In addition, please make your room reservation with the Nordic Inn no-later-than 20 June 2011, as they will release the rooms after that date.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please don't hesitate to ask.

Keith and Rebecca Snell

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Old 07-05-2011, 04:00 PM
keithsnell keithsnell is offline
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Default Last Call

Last call for the Crested Butte Wildflower Photography Workshop. We still have two slots remaining (maximum of eight participants) so if you are interested in joining us at the last minute please give me a call on my cellphone at 719-237-0664. We'll be headed up to the mountains early tomorrow morning, so cellphone or an occasional email are the only ways you will be able to reach me.



Keith Snell
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