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Default Nome alaska bird photo workshop june 2013


We have 1 spot left open for this great workshop to the Seward Peninsula of Alaska. This is one of the top locations to photograph breeding birds on the tundra. This time of year the birds are in their best breeding plumage and much of the tundra is in bloom making for beautiful settings in which to photograph them. Besides the many birds we will probably get Musk Oxen and the landscapes are beautiful. This workshop includes 2 professional photography guides, Ken Archer and Nate Chappell. Ken spent 2 weeks there last summer and will be there a week early to stake out rarities and see what the best locations currently are. Nate will give presentations on photographing birds in the wild and on using fill flash for bird photography.

Spectacular species we should photograph include:
Rock Ptarmigan
Willow Ptarmigan
Long-tailed Jaeger
Parasitic Jaeger
American Golden Plover
Ruddy Turnstone
Lapland Longspur
Red-throated Loon
Common Redpoll
and many others.

We will be on the lookout for rarities such as Common Bluethroat and Yellow Wagtail among others. Ken found nests of both Peregrine Falcon and Rough-legged Hawk there last summer.

The price is $2,995 with a $400 single supplement. This includes lodging, transportation, guiding and instruction. To see details of the workshop see

Nate Chappell

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