Emerging Photographer Award

The Emerging Photographer Award (formerly NANPA Vision Award) is given to an emerging photographer in *recognition of excellence and serves to encourage continuation of vision and inspiration to others in nature photography, conservation, and education.

1. Photographer
2. Has only recently began to receive national and/or significant regional recognition; regardless of age and length of time as a nature photographer.
3. Outstanding Work

Selection Criteria:
Personal vision–40 pts
Quality of work–30 pts
Inspirational impact of work–25 pts
NANPA member–5 pts
Total:    100 pts

Selection Criteria Definitions:
Professional Vision: The nominee consistently demonstrates a commitment to achieving a positive impact upon nature photography, and the conservation and protection of the natural world; plus the education of the general public about conservation and nature issues.

Quality of Work: The nominee’s photographic imagery is of exceedingly high quality and demonstrates the nominee’s mastery of the artistic and craftsmanship aspects of nature photography.

Inspirational Impact of Work: The nominee’s photographic imagery motivates others, in and outside of the nature photography industry, to take positive, proactive steps to conserve and protect the natural world.

NANPA values: The nominee demonstrates a proactive adherence to the values of NANPA and its Mission Statement, and enthusiastically promotes them.

*NANPA Recognition Awards:  Are awarded in recognition of one’s accomplishments, stature, or length of service to nature photography.

Past Recipients:
2017: Melissa Groo
2016: No Award
2015: Krista Schlyer
2014: No Award
2013: Sandesh Kadur
2012: No Award
2011: Jenny Ross
2010: Ian McAllister
2009: Christian Ziegler
2008: Florian Schulz