Fellows Award

The NANPA Fellows Award is a *recognition award presented to members who have made significant contributions to the professional nature photography industry over a period of at least 20 years. This would encompass photographers, editors, agents, educators and other professions related to the industry; plus, administrators and volunteers.

NANPA Fellows Award recipients must demonstrate dedicated adherence to the values of NANPA and be worthy ambassadors of the NANPA Mission Statement.

1. Must be a NANPA member; and
2. 20 years nature photography industry experience

Selection Criteria:
Significance / impact–30 pts
Giving back to photo community–30 pts
Body of Work / Service–30 pts
NANPA values–10 pts
Total: 100 pts

Selection Criteria Definitions:
Significance / impact: The nominee positively exerts his/her influence on others within the nature photography industry.

Giving back to photo community: The nominee demonstrates an active and positive commitment to reaching out, to the nature photography community, for the community’s betterment.

Body of work / service: The nominee’s photographic body of work is of exceptional quality; and/or the nominee’s service greatly contributes to the advancement of nature photography.

NANPA values: The nominee demonstrates a proactive adherence to the values of NANPA and its Mission Statement, and enthusiastically promotes them.

*NANPA Recognition Awards: Are awarded in recognition of one’s accomplishments, stature, or length of service to nature photography.

Past Recipients:
2017: Kathy Clark, Michael Francis, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Mark Lukes, and Linda Helm
2016: No award
2015: Michele Westmorland
2014: No award
2013: Richard Halperin and Nancy Rotenberg
2012: No award
2011: Rich Reid
2010: Kevin Fitz Patrick and Mary Ann McDonald
2009: Tom Blagden, John Nuhn and Rob Sheppard
2008: Danita Delimont, Kathy Moran, and Tom Vezo
2007: Nancy Carrizales, Arthur Morris, and Kennan Ward
2006: Boyd Norton, Bonnie Stutski, and Tom Till
2005: Connie Toops and Tom Ulrich
2004: Phyllis Greenberg, Tom and Pat Leeson, C.C. Lockwood, and Ray Pfortner
2003: Natalie Fobes, Bill Fortney, Bill Jaynes, Carl Sams, and Jean Stoick
2002: Kathleen Norris Cook, Gerry Ellis, George Lepp, and Joe McDonald
2001: Ralph Clevenger, Jeff Foott, Dan Kraseman, Frans Lanting, David Metz, and Gary Zahm
2000: Niki Barrie, Gary Braasch, Jim Brandenberg, Karen Hollingsworth, Bob Rozinski, and Wendy Shattil
1999: DeWitt Jones, Evelyn Kloepper, Galen Rowell, Leonard Lee Rue III, and Larry West
1998: Erwin and Peggy Bauer, Ann Guilfoyle, Freeman Patterson, Roger Tory Peterson (posthumously), and Robert Sisson