Fine Art in Nature Photography Award

NANPA Recognition Awards:  Awarded in recognition of one’s accomplishments, stature or length of service to nature photography

This award is given to recognize photographers that create fine art nature imagery and/or who educate/instruct other nature photographers about the techniques critical to fine art imagery (image capture and/or post processing [analogue or digital]). The nominee should have a significant body of work of fine art nature images.

Artistic freedom does not relieve the nominee from the responsibility of conducting him/herself in a professional and ethical manner.


1. Photographer
2. Significant body of outstanding work
3. Artistic endeavors have received significant recognition, regionally or nationally, from the general public and the “traditional” art community, in addition to the nature photography industry

NOTE: Nominees who are not NANPA members must be born or reside in North America. However, this birth/residency requirement shall be waived if the non-NANPA member nominee’s work is focused on North America.

Selection Criteria Definitions:

Personal Vision:  The nominee consistently demonstrates a:

  • Commitment to achieving a positive impact upon nature photography through the creation of fine art imagery; and
  • Dedication to educate/instruct other nature photographers about fine art nature photography techniques.

Quality of Work:  The nominee’s photographic imagery is of exceedingly high quality and demonstrates the nominee’s mastery of the artistic and craftsmanship aspects of fine art nature photography.

Inspirational Impact of Work:  The nominee’s photographic imagery instills in others — inside and outside of the nature photography industry — an appreciation of fine art nature photography and/or inspires others to support the advancement of the fine art nature photography industry.


Past Recipients:
2019: New award category established