Kinne Legacy Award

NANPA Service Awards: Awarded to a NANPA member in recognition of service to NANPA in an extraordinary manner

Formerly the Russ & Jane Kinne Recognition Grant, this award is presented to a member of NANPA who has freely and selflessly shared his/her professional expertise for the education and/or betterment of NANPA members.

The NANPA member’s efforts should have made a significant impact upon the nature photography community by mentoring or helping others become successful in some aspect that’s related to NANPA’s Mission Statement.  This can include the advocacy of and education about the creative and/or business aspects of nature photography.

Requirements: Must be a NANPA member

Criteria Definitions:
Service that benefits NANPA Members:  The nominee has, without compensation and in a selfless manner:

  • Mentored NANPA members in the creative and/or business aspects of nature photography;
  • Fostered the improvement of professional education for nature photographers;
  • Promoted, within the nature photography industry, the career path of emerging nature photographers; and/or
  • Advocated on behalf of nature photography.

It’s important to demonstrate that the NANPA member’s efforts have had a beneficial impact upon numerous NANPA members over an extended period of time.

NANPA values: The nominee proactively and consistently demonstrates his/her support of and adherence to the tenants of NANPA’s Mission Statement.

Note: While laudable, the following are not qualifiers for this award:

  • Support of other nature photography and/or nature conservation organizations; or
  • Mentoring of nature photographers who are not NANPA members.

Past Recipients:
2007-2019: Award inactive
2006: Ray Fortner
2005: Barbara Jividen
2004: Jennifer Weinberg
2003: Niki Barrie
2002: Kevin Fitz Patrick
2001: Deborah Free
2000: Darrell Gulin