Lifetime Achievement in Nature Photography Award

NANPA Recognition Awards:  Awarded in recognition of one’s accomplishments, stature or length of service to nature photography

The Lifetime Achievement in Nature Photography Award goes to an individual who has served nature photography for at least 20 years. The individual should have made significant contributions (e.g., an expansive body of work as a photographer; or [and equally important] service to/support of the nature photography industry) over an extended period of time. National name recognition is not as important as accomplishments.

The individual need not be “of retirement age.” However, with all things being equal between two nominees, more consideration will be given to the older of the two.

1. 20 years in nature photo industry;
2. significant contributions; and
3. seniority/age

NOTE: Nominees who are not NANPA members must be born or reside in North America. However, this birth/residency requirement shall be waived if the non-NANPA member nominee’s work is focused on North America.

Selection Criteria Definitions:
Body of work: The nominee’s expansive photographic body of work, over the nominee’s career, has been of exceptional quality.
Significant Service: The nominee’s service to the nature photography industry, over the nominee’s career, has greatly contributed to the advancement of nature photography, including the mentoring of aspiring nature photographers.

Professional Competence: The nominee has consistently demonstrated a mastery/knowledge of the artistic and craftsmanship aspects of nature photography.

Impact on Nature Photography: The nominee’s career length and impact upon the direction of nature photography has been extraordinary, as has the nominee’s influence on others within the nature photography industry.


Past Recipients:
2019: George Lepp, Joel Sartore and John Shaw
2018: No award
2017: Jack Dykinga and John Nuhn
2016: No award
2015: Frans Lanting
2014: No award
2013: Art Wolfe
2012: No award
2011: Robert Dunne
2010: Sebastion Salgado
2009: George Schaller and Paul Caponigro
2008: Michael and Patricia Fogden, and Bates Littlehales
2007: Dewitt Jones and Yann Arthus-Bertrand
2006: Les Line and Pat O’Hara
2005: Clyde Butcher and John Sexton
2004: Ann Guilfoyle and Russ Kinne
2003: Galen Rowell, Bradford Washburn, Fred Breummer, and Karl Maslowski
2002: Jim Brandenburg
2001: Freeman Patterson
2000: Erwin and Peggy Bauer
1999: Robert Sisson
1998: Leonard Lee Rue, III
1997: The Muench Family
1996: Phillip Hyde, David Brower, and Jane Kinne
1995: Roger Tory Peterson