NANPA Mission Award

The NANPA Mission Award (formerly NANPA Recognition Award) recognizes outstanding efforts or accomplishment(s) by one of our members. This award exemplifies what NANPA is really all about, and the winner should epitomize NANPA’s principles in accordance with NANPA’s mission statement. Nominees may include members who have used or are using their photography to further NANPA’s mission, for example, to impede the development of a highway through a critical wetland; create a photography/nature education program for teachers in their school district; provide a large scholarship for the purpose of photo/environmental education. NANPA members are encouraged to submit nominees.

1. Must be a NANPA member;
2. A photographer; and
3. Values are consistent with the NANPA mission statement

Selection Criteria Definitions:
Promotion of Nature Photography:
The nominee has demonstrated a long-standing and effective dedication to the promotion of nature photography and has an exceptional body of work that has contributed to those efforts. (Recognition of “conservation photography” is not the primary purpose of this award.)

Giving back to photo community:
The nominee demonstrates a proactive and positive commitment to reaching out to his/her local/state/regional/national nature photography community for the community’s betterment; through voluntary mentoring, education and training of aspiring nature photographers.

Public Awareness:
The nominee’s nature photography has had a demonstrated, positive impact upon the public’s increased awareness of nature’s beauty and wonders.

NANPA values:
The nominee demonstrates a proactive adherence to the values of NANPA and its Mission Statement, and enthusiastically promotes them.

*NANPA Recognition Awards: Are awarded in recognition of one’s accomplishments, stature, or length of service to nature photography.

Past Recipients:
2017: Suzi Eszterhas and Jerry Monkman
2016: No Award
2015: No Award
2014: No Award
2013: Carlton Ward
2012: No Award
2011: Jerry Bauer
2010: Cristina Mittermeier
2009: Michael Forsberg
2008: Amy Gulick
2007: Tim Gallagher and Bobby Harrison
2006: Ray Pfortner
2005: Pat Wadecki
2004: Karen Hollingsworth
2003: Bill Silliker
2002: George Lepp
2001: Stephen Maka
2000: Jim Clark
1999: Patricio Robles Gill
1998: Jerry Bowman and Francine Butler
1997: Mark J. Lukes