Outstanding Young Nature Photographer Award

NANPA Recognition Awards:  Awarded in recognition of one’s accomplishments, stature or length of service to nature photography

This award is given to recognize young (15 to 30 years old) nature photographers. The nominee should have a growing body of work that demonstrates an ever-increasing maturity in his/her artistic abilities and craftsmanship.

1.  15 to 30 years old
2.  Photographer
3.  Growing body of work demonstrating increasing maturity

NOTE: Nominees who are not NANPA members must be born or reside in North America. However, this birth/residency requirement shall be waived if the non-NANPA member nominee’s work is focused on North America.

Selection Criteria Definitions:

Personal Vision: The nominee demonstrates a commitment to achieving a positive impact upon nature photography.

Quality of Work: The nominee’s nature photographic imagery demonstrates an ever-increasing maturity in artistic ability and craftsmanship.

Dedication to Learning: The nominee demonstrates a commitment to increasing his/her nature photography skill sets, preferably through independent study (of photography and nature) and self-assigned nature photography projects.


Past Recipients:
2019: New award established