Outstanding Photographer of the Year Award

NANPA Recognition Awards:  Awarded in recognition of one’s accomplishments, stature or length of service to nature photography

The Outstanding Photographer of the Year Award goes to an individual who has demonstrated unquestioned skill and excellence as a nature photographer through his/her past work and who has produced extraordinary recent work of significance to the industry. Judging will favor recent breakthroughs in the photographer’s work and achievements. The recipient must exemplify the principles which NANPA promotes.

1. Photographer
2. Exemplifies NANPA principles
3. Has done something of note, photographically or within the nature photography industry, within the past 1 – 5 years.
*also to be considered: timing of keynote speakers

NOTE: Nominees who are not NANPA members must be born or reside in North America. However, this birth/residency requirement shall be waived if the non-NANPA member nominee’s work is focused on North America.

Selection Criteria Definitions:
Significance to Nature Photography Industry: The nominee’s career length and impact, past influence on others and modern profound photographic projects are extraordinary.

Modern Influence: The nominee’s current influence on others as well as scope and volume of their exposure through all media outlets is extraordinary.

Innovation: The nominee is changing the world of nature photography through innovative and cutting-edge technology and/or the unique revival of earlier photographic modalities, enthusiastic and positive purpose, or innovative and effective marketing.


Past Recipients:
2019: Florian Schulz
2018: No award
2017: Christian Ziegler
2016:No award
2015: Steve Winter
2014:No award
2013: Daniel Cox
2012: Flip Nicklin
2011: Jack Dykinga
2010: Joel Sartore
2009: Tim Laman
2008: James Balog
2007: Kevin Schafer
2006: Patricio Robles Gil
2005: Tui De Roy
2004: Norbert Wu
2003: Gary Braasch
2002: Michael “Nick” Nichols
2001: Robert Glenn Ketchum
2000: Tom Mangelson
1999: Frans Lanting
1998: Art Wolfe
1997: John Shaw