NANPA Board of Directors

President- *Clay Bolt: Bozeman, MT 2018
Vice President- *Gabby Salazar: Bethesda, MD 2017
Past-President- *Sean Fitzgerald: Dallas, TX 2017
Treasurer- *Bruce Haley: Charleston, WV 2020

(Officers serve 1 year in office and 3 years on the Board)

Board Members
Eric Bowles: Atlanta, GA 2018
Don Carter: Shorewood, IL 2019
Gary Farber: Melrose, MA 2017
Jack Graham: Puyallup, OR 2017
*Morgan Heim: Gunnison, CO 2017
Jaymi Heimbuch, San Francisco, CA 2019
Gordon Illg: Lakewood, CO 2019

(* Executive Committee members)

NANPA Foundation Board Liaisons (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting) –
John Nuhn: Oakton, VA 2017


Susan Day– Executive Director

Teresa Ransdell– Membership Coordinator

Bethany Brucker– Accountant

John Lock– Web Developer

Rebecca Spriggs– Marketing Coordinator

Gina Head– Meeting Planner and Summit Coordinator

NANPA Committees

Our committees are always looking for additional help with all the projects and activities that make NANPA the premiere nature photography organization for North America and worldwide. Perhaps you have some spare time or special expertise you’d like to contribute to our mission, goals, programs and projects. Some opportunities are short, one-time projects, others are ongoing. To volunteer, contact the NANPA office and we will connect you with the appropriate person.

Awards Committee (Chair): Ted Moreno
College Scholarship Program (Chair): Mark Larson
Communications/Marketing Committee (Chair): Rebecca Spriggs
Conservation Committee (Chair): David Huth
Ethics Committee (Chair): Melissa Groo
Finance Committee (Chair): Bruce Haley
High School Scholarship Program (Chair): Kika Tuff
History Committee (Chair): John Nuhn
Membership Committee (Chair): Teresa Ransdell
Nominations and Elections Committee (Chair):  Mark Lukes
Past President’s Council (Chair): John Nuhn
Regional Field Events Committee (Chair): JP Bruce and Tom Richardson
Nature Photography Summit Committee (Chair): Gina Head
Nature Photography Summit Program (Chair): Kathy Adams Clark

NANPA Organization Bylaws