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Creative Composition: It’s Not What You Photograph, It’s How You Photograph

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Aug 11, 2020
7:00 pm EDT

presented by Jennifer King

Target Audience:


Length: 50 minutes + Q/A

© Jennifer King

A photo subject can be the same, yet captured in so many different ways. What makes one photograph stand out above the others? It is simple: a great composition.

Understanding how our vision responds to an image is the first step in achieving success. From the basics of line, color and form to the use of more advanced techniques, we will explore and discuss different artistic approaches used to create better photos and help you become a better photographer. Creativity spreads… come and catch it!

More about Jennifer King

Internationally acclaimed landscape and nature photographer with a passion for teaching and inspiring photographers around the world, Jennifer draws on her fine art and design background to bring a fresh perspective to nature photography. Her ability to teach composition and inspire creativity is unmatched.

Jennifer is named 1 of 15 Amazing Women to Follow by 500px and is Founder of PHOTOGRAPHY for the FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER (pfabc.org), an industry wide organization bringing together the biggest names in photography to raise money for breast cancer research.

Find her photography, video tutorials and interviews in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Outdoor Photography Guide, Camera in the Wild, Photography Talk, Smoky Mountains Journal of Photography, SouthxSoutheast, Our State Magazine, VIA Magazine and more.

Visit her online at:
Facebook @JenniferKingPhoto
Twitter @JenniferKingPro
Instagram @JenniferKing_photographer

Photographing Endangered Piping Plovers at Duxbury Beach, MA

Exclusively for NANPA members. Become a member to attend.

Sept 22, 2020
7:00 pm EDT

presented by Stewart Ting Chong and Brynna McGlathery

Target Audience:


Length: 90 minutes

© Stewart Ting Chong

Learn how to use photography as a tool to promote conservation while learning more about Piping Plovers and a 2019 project with Duxbury Beach Reservation in Massachusetts. The project includes photographs that introduce and educate the public about Piping Plovers and their breeding cycle to explain why sections of the beach—usually accessed by the public— needed to be cordoned off.

More about Stewart Ting Chong and Brynna McGlathery

Stewart has been an amateur photographer for over 15 years and focuses on wildlife photography, mainly birds, for the past 5 years. He hails from South Africa and spends his time traveling to various wildlife destinations. His recent accomplishments include having two photographs selected for the NANPA 2020 Showcase, receiving a JetBlue “Share Your Good” award, and photographs of Peregrine Falcons published by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in the UK.

Brynna McGlathery joined the Duxbury Beach Reservation in 2017 as the Reservation Coordinator and became the Assistant Director in 2020. Brynna has been working with Massachusetts non-profits with a focus in coastal ecology since graduating from Tufts University with a BS in Biology and Environmental Science. Prior to joining the Reservation, Brynna worked as the Field Coordinator for the Mass Audubon Coastal Waterbird Program, shorebird technician for the Massachusetts Trustees of Reservations, and natural resource intern for the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Wells, Maine.

Visit Stewart online at:
stewartboston.com or on Instagram @stewartboston.

Learn more about Brynna and the Duxbury Beach Reservation at duxburybeachreservation.org.

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Paul Brooke: Wildlife Photography and Book Design
Scott Dere: Photographing Birds of Prey
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Photographing While Traveling in an RV
Roie Galitz:
Wildlife Photography Around the World: The Secrets Behind the Lens  (not available in recorded form)
Krisztina Scheeff & David Hekel:
Grebes Dance on Water to Find a Mate
Alyce Bender:
An Introduction to Manual Marketing on Instagram
Shane McDermott: 
Breaking the Four Barriers of Creativity
Greg Miller:
Understanding Light to Make Better Landscape Photos
Greg Miller: 
Ten Guiding Thoughts for Making Better Landscape Photos
Shane McDermott: 
VisionQuest Photography
Charles Needle:
Pixels In Your Pocket: Creative iPhoneography
Danae Wolfe:
Macro on a Budget: Reverse Lens Macro Photography
Rosie Lalonde:
From Flat to Fabulous in 5 Minutes or Less
Josh Asel:
Don’t Take a Photo, Make a Photo
Tom Simpson:
Creative Video Nature Photography
Stephen Leimberg:
3 Magic Steps to Power Marketing
Jennifer Leigh Warner:
NANPA Town Hall: Creating an Ethical Field Approach
Wendy Shattil:
Photo Contest Secrets Revealed
Carl Johnson:
Chasing and Photographing the Aurora Borealis
Steven David Johnson:
Just Below the Surface – Photographing Life in Rivers, Creeks and Vernal Pools
Clay Bolt:
Tips for Macro Mastery
Frank Gallagher:
Intimate Landscapes
Kevin Dooley:
The Photographic Bucket List
Jaymi Heimbuch:
Project Management for Photographers: Strategies to Stay on Track from Shoot to Publication
Jackie Kramer: Editing Your Floral Photography
Rick Sammon:
Wildlife & Landscape Photography: The Evolution of an Image
Mollie Isaacs:
From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Andy Williams: Best Practices for the Traveling Photographer
Margo Taussig Pinkerton: On Plagiarism in Photography
Jennifer King: Creative Composition: The Influence of Design in Photography
Jackie Kramer: Flowers – How to Bring Them to Life Through Your Lens (Part 1)
Jacqueline Deely: Polar Travel Photography – An Insider’s Guide
Kathy Adams Clark: Organizing, Cataloging and Keywording: Preparing Your Images for the Future
Tim Grey: Lessons Learned About Lenses
David Meyers: The New Plane – Cameras That Fly
Peter Zelinka: Photographing the Milky Way
Dawn Wilson: Incorporating Twitter Into Your Photography Business Marketing Plan
Steve Sands: The 2017 North American Solar Eclipse: How to Safely View & Photograph This Spectacular Event
Don Komarechka: Photographing Snowflakes
Mollie Isaacs: Mighty Macro
JP Bruce:Using Your Vehicle as a Photography Aid
Scott Mead: Protecting Your Digital Legacy
Lisa Langell: Stop Documenting. Start Creating Beautiful Wildlife Images 2-part series
Gen Benjamin & Bill Rudock: The 12 Elements of an Award-winning Image
Cheryl Opperman: Preparing for a Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park
Tim Grey: Targeted Adjustments in Photoshop
Jaymi Heimbuch: Images for Advocacy- How to Create a Conservation Photography Project
Eric Bowles: Go with the Flow- Tips and Techniques for Photographing Water in the Landscape
Kathy Adams Clark: Photography at Night
Sean Bagshaw: Exposure Blending for Extended Dynamic Range
Gordon Illg: Finding Your Vision- Making Your Images Stand Out
Ruth Hoyt and John Pickles: Photographing Birds in Flight
Cynthia Soroka-Dunn:Taking the Leap to Become a Fine Art Photographer
Bob Ware: How to Register Your Copyright
Laurie Rubin: The Decisive Moment in Wildlife Photography
Tim Grey: Top Tips for Organizing in Lightroom
Margo Taussig Pinkerton: Creativity: Seeking Your Own Vision
Bobbie Goodrich: Painting with Filters
Mike Moats: The Reality of Making Money in Nature Photography
Beverly Delidow: Special Delivery for Webinars: Designing & Delivering Your Presentation
Gordon Illg: After the Flood – North American Deserts