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Upcoming Webinars

VisionQuest Photography

Presented by Shane McDermott
March 29; 6:00pm EDT

Do you ever find yourself wishing that your photos reflected more of the magic and true essence of everything you saw and felt in the moment? VisionQuest Photography is a powerful lens through which to see ourselves and the world around us. Look through this lens and you’ll see the creative essence of your soul’s expression. Shane will show you how to see the magic of the wild world through the eyes of your soul and unlock the wellspring of creativity within.

This webinar is designed to help you:

  1. Become aware of what limits your creativity.
  2. Break the habit of visual dominance and of how feelings inform creativity.

Shane McDermott’s VisionQuest Photography is a synthesis of more 30 years of study and practice as a holistic health practitioner and yoga/meditation teacher, combined with his love of nature photography. He has taught photo tours for the last five years with Arizona Highways Photoscapes. Through the VisionQuest teaching methods, he has helped hundreds of photographers to awaken and embody their unique creative expression.

Target Audience:
Professional, Intermediate/Advanced, Beginner/Novice

Breaking the Four Barriers of Creativity

Presented by Shane McDermott
June 27; 6:00pm EDT

In this webinar, we will look at the four primary dimensions of creativity. Speaker Shane McDermott will help photographers better understand how these creative dimensions become barriers and how to remove them fully to liberate their unique creative expression. The four barriers to creativity include:

  1. The internal barrier, which includes our thoughts, feelings and beliefs as well as our personal preferences and biases.
  2. The external barrier, which includes our bodies, our gear and the environment we photograph in.
  3. The relational barrier, which includes how our creative expression is informed and influenced by others.
  4. The system barrier, which includes the many complex technical and creative systems photographers need to master.

Target Audience:

Professional, Intermediate/Advanced, Beginner/Novice

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Mollie Isaacs:
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Andy Williams: Best Practices for the Traveling Photographer
Margo Taussig Pinkerton: On Plagiarism in Photography
Jennifer King: Creative Composition: The Influence of Design in Photography
Jackie Kramer: Flowers – How to Bring Them to Life Through Your Lens (Part 1)
Jacqueline Deely: Polar Travel Photography – An Insider’s Guide
Kathy Adams Clark: Organizing, Cataloging and Keywording: Preparing Your Images for the Future
Tim Grey: Lessons Learned About Lenses
David Meyers: The New Plane – Cameras That Fly
Peter Zelinka: Photographing the Milky Way
Dawn Wilson: Incorporating Twitter Into Your Photography Business Marketing Plan
Steve Sands: The 2017 North American Solar Eclipse: How to Safely View & Photograph This Spectacular Event
Don Komarechka: Photographing Snowflakes
Mollie Isaacs: Mighty Macro
JP Bruce: Using Your Vehicle as a Photography Aid
Scott Mead: Protecting Your Digital Legacy
Lisa Langell: Stop Documenting. Start Creating Beautiful Wildlife Images 2-part series
Gen Benjamin & Bill Rudock: The 12 Elements of an Award-winning Image
Cheryl Opperman: Preparing for a Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park
Tim Grey: Targeted Adjustments in Photoshop
Jaymi Heimbuch: Images for Advocacy- How to Create a Conservation Photography Project
Eric Bowles: Go with the Flow- Tips and Techniques for Photographing Water in the Landscape
Kathy Adams Clark: Photography at Night
Sean Bagshaw: Exposure Blending for Extended Dynamic Range
Gordon Illg: Finding Your Vision- Making Your Images Stand Out
Ruth Hoyt and John Pickles: Photographing Birds in Flight
Cynthia Soroka-Dunn: Taking the Leap to Become a Fine Art Photographer
Bob Ware: How to Register Your Copyright
Laurie Rubin: The Decisive Moment in Wildlife Photography
Tim Grey: Top Tips for Organizing in Lightroom
Margo Taussig Pinkerton: Creativity: Seeking Your Own Vision
Bobbie Goodrich: Painting with Filters
Mike Moats: The Reality of Making Money in Nature Photography
Beverly Delidow: Special Delivery for Webinars: Designing & Delivering Your Presentation
Gordon Illg: After the Flood – North American Deserts

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