Sip and Share

Casual, small group discussions for nature photographers

Meet virtually—and casually—with a small group of nature photographers who share your interest on a particular subject. A NANPA member who is passionate about the topic will start the conversation and serve as host, but your questions, answers, observations, tips, experience, and camaraderie will guide the rest. Free to all NANPA members and limited in size. Sip and Shares are a great way to meet other photographers and discover new places, subjects, techniques, or gear to explore.

The Sip and Share program is an exclusive members-only benefit for NANPA members. Login to the NANPA Members’ Area to reserve your spot. Once registered, confirmation and access information will be sent via email Not yet a member? Join now.

© Dave Ficke

Landscape Lenses

Wednesday, March 10 | 7 pm EST/4 pm PST
1 hour

Is landscape photography limited to just wide or super wide lenses? Can you capture the intimate details of landscapes with other lenses? What is your favorite go-to lens and why? Join Dave Ficke to chat about landscape photography with a variety of lenses, including the possibilities of panoramas.

Introducing Your Photos to iNaturalist

Thursday, March 25 | 4 pm EDT/1 pm PDT
1 hour

Curious about iNaturalist? Join David Cook to talk about what iNaturalist can do for you as a nature photographer plus what nature photographers can do in iNaturalist to support scientific research. We can talk about logistics, too, like how to upload photos or use search functions to plan your next trip or find exciting photos near you.

© Jennifer Idol

Oceans and Lakes and Caves, Oh My!

Friday, March 26 | 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT
1 hour

Alex Rose and Jennifer Idol love underwater photography and are excited for the chance to chat with the NANPA community about everything aquatic. With a combined total of 18 years of professional submerged shooting, these two can share their experiences in the field and hope to engage with a variety of interested parties ranging from other underwater photographers to topside shooters who want to know more. We can discuss gear, shooting techniques, travel experiences, ethical image-making, and purpose-driven storytelling. Dive right in!

© Dave Ficke

Conservation Projects

Tuesday, March 30| 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT
1 hour

Conservation projects should be a compassionate journey that you undertake to document. How do you focus on what your message is? How do you organize and solicit help and keep on track? Let’s explore some of the components that we must address to have successful conservation projects.

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Photographer assisting another in the field

Regional Events

Get into the field with colleagues during one of our Regional Events. Limited in size for the best collaboration and networking opportunities, each Regional Event is led by one or more NANPA members with extensive experience photographing in the featured location. Instruction is available if desired, but often photographers simply enjoy being in the area with someone who has already scouted it for the best photo opps. See what’s coming up

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The convenience of a virtual format combined with the intentional instruction of a workshop, NANPA’s webinars cover a wide range of topics in nature photography. Members can register for each month’s live event(s), or access a full library of on-demand recordings from the Members Area.