Sip and Share

Casual, small group discussions for nature photographers

Meet virtually—and casually—with a small group of nature photographers who share your interest on a particular subject. A NANPA member who is passionate about the topic will start the conversation and serve as host, but your questions, answers, observations, tips, experience, and camaraderie will guide the rest. Free to all NANPA members and limited in size. Sip and Shares are a great way to meet other photographers and discover new places, subjects, techniques, or gear to explore.

The Sip and Share program is an exclusive members-only benefit for NANPA members. Login to the NANPA Members’ Area to reserve your spot. Once registered, confirmation and access information will be sent via email Not yet a member? Join now.

Empty road heading into the mountains, photo by Alyce Bender
© Alyce Bender

Car Camping: The Ultimate in Nature Photography Freedom
Nov 6 | 7 pm EST/ 4 pm PST

Being able to just roll out of “bed” and get to your sunrise location without a long drive or pulling into a spot for the night without the hassle of pitching a tent can be a wonderful experience. This type of travel is easy on the wallet and helps maximize shooting time when on the road. Let’s come together to talk about what has worked, or our favorite tips and tricks for making car camping as comfortable as possible. Those with questions about this method of exploring or those who may be considering it for their next trip are fully welcome!

Conversation starter: Alyce Bender. 60 minutes. Limited space for NANPA members only. Zoom links will be provided upon registering.

© Jennifer Warner

Field Ethics
Nov 18 | 7 pm EST/ 4 pm PST

What are NANPA’s Ethical Field Practices? How do we incorporate them into our photography routines? What do you do to avoid disturbing wildlife? How can we set examples for other photographers when we’re out in the field?

Conversation starter: Jennifer Warner. 60 minutes. Limited space for NANPA members only. Zoom links will be provided upon registering.

Two Grebes rushing on water, photo by Krisztina Scheeff
© Krisztina Scheeff

Grebes Dancing
Dec 2 | 7 pm EST/ 4 pm PST

Winter is a great time to be in sunny San Diego—thanks in part to the Grebes courtship behavior called rushing (walking on water). Let’s talk about the Grebes and this fascinating behavior, challenges and successful strategies we’ve discovered while photographing them, where and when to see them, and more.

Conversation starter: Krisztina Scheeff. 90 minutes. Limited space for NANPA members only. Zoom links will be provided upon registering.


Photographer assisting another in the field

Regional Events

Get into the field with colleagues during one of our Regional Events. Limited in size for the best collaboration and networking opportunities, each Regional Event is led by one or more NANPA members with extensive experience photographing in the featured location. Instruction is available if desired, but often photographers simply enjoy being in the area with someone who has already scouted it for the best photo opps. See what’s coming up

Image of computer opened to webinar.


The convenience of a virtual format combined with the intentional instruction of a workshop, NANPA’s webinars cover a wide range of topics in nature photography. Members can register for each month’s live event(s), or access a full library of on-demand recordings from the Members Area.