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CategoryTitleLead Photographer NameURLFee Required?DescriptionLevel of Photographer Offering is Geared TowardDate Offering Should Be Removed From the Website:
WebinarFilters for Landscape PhotographyDavid DesRochers addition to discussing the use of filters for landscape photography, David will cover equipment, planning, and the elements of composition. Photographing water in a supporting role as well as a main subject will also be discussed. In partnership with Hunts Photo & Video.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional11/12/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewDawn Wilson primarily does wildlife but can also do landscape, editorial work and storytelling collection. Beginner and intermediate level of photographers.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate12/31/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewTom Wear has 30+ years of stock photography editing experience, both for commercial and editorial markets, so that is the perspective he brings to reviews, along with general composition and technical advice including post-production for appeal to stock agency clients. Any skill level is fine.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional12/31/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewSonia Wasco will review images with skill levels from beginner to professional. Sonia will bring an agent’s perspective to the photographer and will offer a discussion on sales potential to the creator. Sonia enjoys sharing potential marketing experience with her reviewees.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional12/31/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewBrenda Tharp a professional nature photographer and workshop instructor, Brenda has years of experience in advising people on ways to improve their photography. She will ask what you want from the review so she can tailor her comments accordingly. She’s also willing to discuss post-processing and answer questions about photography businesses.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional12/30/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewCindy Miller Hopkins is happy to review images by photographers with a skill level from beginner to professional. She enjoys providing creative critiques as well as sharing technical advice on wildlife and travel images. Her true expertise is centered on metadata, marketing images and the business of photography.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional12/31/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewLisa Langell welcomes the beginner through advanced nature photographer with an emphasis on wildlife, floral and abstract work. Reviews will provide in-camera techniques, composition, use of lighting and also suggestions as-needed for post-processing tips using Photoshop.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional12/31/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewSebastian Kennerknecht will review portfolios from any skill level. He'll first ask what the reviewee wants out of the review and will tailor his remarks accordingly. This can be constructive advice about the photographs or post-processing, information on the business of photography or answering questions to problems faced by the photographer.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional12/31/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewMichael DeYoung welcomes reviews from all levels of photographers. Having widespread editorial and advertising publication credits, he offers more of a commercial and editorial perspective than fine art. He's been an active contributor to multiple stock agencies for over 30 years as well as doing national level editorial and commercial assignments.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional12/31/2020
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewGordon Illg has knowledge of most kinds of nature photography, and is willing to critique photographers wanting feedback on a selection of their images.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; Professional12/31/2020
ClassConservation Photography 101Jaymi Heimbuchhttp://ConservationPhotographyCourses.comYesMaster how to find, photograph and pitch a powerful conservation story without the overwhelm of where to start, the stifling insecurity about getting the “right” images, or frustrating confusion over how to connect with editors.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate6/15/2022
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewJaymi Heimbuch, we work on strategies to improve not only your images but your presentations as well. Effective pitches and compelling captions can make the difference in communicating your story successfully and getting your photography seen by the world.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced4/20/2021
ClassLightroom Crash Course - Live!Mike Ince Lightroom live! We start at the beginning from importing and go all the way to exporting, visiting culling images, various Lightroom modules, editing, and, much more! You will watch me on my screen demonstrate as you follow along at home from start to finish of a typical Lightroom session.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate12/31/2020