NANPA supports nature photographers

No two NANPA members are exactly the same. Our passion for nature photography unites us, but our paths to—and through—the industry vary widely. What we value most about NANPA can fluctuate over time as our needs and goals change, but without a doubt, NANPA plays a key role in educating, connecting, inspiring, and supporting nature photographers of all levels of experience over time.

Gabby Salazar

Do you want to improve your photography skills?

“NANPA is an organization that I think helps people grow from wherever they are. We have photo editors, professional photographers, and people that have just picked up a camera. You can walk up to anyone and talk to them about how passionate you are about photography and they can help you get to the next level. I think that is one of the best things about our organization. We are an organization that shares.”– Gabby Salazar, NANPA member since 2001

Members like Gabby who want to improve their nature photography tell us these programs are their favorites:

Deanne Cunningham

Are you looking for inspiration and fellowship?

“For me, NANPA has always been motivating and inspiring. From the very first Summit meeting in Fort Myers to the [2015] Summit in San Diego, I have been inspired and motivated by not only the speakers, but also the editors, pros, and other members I have met and spoken with, some of whom have become very good friends and travel companions over the years. No matter where you fit, in whatever level of photography, there is always something more you can learn. From articles, webinars, workshops, and Summits, NANPA provides a number of ways to inspire its members.  I am a prime example.” – Deanne Cunningham, NANPA member since 1994

Members like Deanne who are looking for inspiration and fellowship tell us these programs are their favorites:

Melissa Groo

Do you care about photographers’ rights to public lands and their own intellectual property?

“I like to think that my advocacy work for NANPA has helped build and support its reach and membership. I definitely seek to inform other photographers about NANPA, and have been pleased to see quite a few become members.” – Melissa Groo, member since 2012

Members like Melissa who want to belong to a strong and empowered community of responsible nature photographers tell us these programs are most valuable to them:

Michael Cohen

Do you want to save money on your photography career or hobby?

“I have been a member of NANPA for several years and insured under their program with Chubb.  As a traveling photographer, I awoke to what may be a common nightmare, theft of the majority of my camera equipment from my van.  I immediately called Kristin, who promptly got the claim process started.  Within a day or two I was contacted by an agent from Chubb for a statement.  As soon as the police report was filed, I received a check.  No fuss. If you own expensive camera equipment, I whole heartedly recommend NANPA’s insurance program.” Michael Cohen, member since 2008

Members like Michael who want to protect their investments and save money tell us these programs are most valuable to them:

Jim Clark

Do you want to build your photography business and grow your career?

“I waited and wished for years for there to be an organization dedicated and focused on nature photography. Then NANPA came along and changed my life. NANPA was instrumental in elevating my career as a professional nature photographer.” – Jim Clark, NANPA member since 1994

Members like Jim who want to increase their visibility and meet prospective clients tell us these opportunities are most valuable:

Clay Bolt

Are you interested in using photography to support the environment and conservation efforts?

“I think there is a great opportunity to use the organization to do a lot of good work for conservation and awareness of the natural world.” – Clay Bolt, member since 2009

Members like Clay who want to support science and conservation value these programs most of all:

Choose the membership plan that’s best for you

Membership LevelPriceDescription
General Membership$100 for 1 year or
$180 for 2 years
Available to a single individual, all ages and levels of experience
Joint Membership$150 for 1 year or
$270 for two years
2 people from same business or household, all ages and levels of experience
Student Membership$25 per yearRecommended for high school and higher education students (undergraduate or graduate school); student ID or similar proof of enrollment required
Friend of NANPA$250 – $1,000General membership + recognition as a special supporter
Two female members in the field looking at images