NANPA is a nonprofit membership association that helps North America-based nature photographers at all levels of experience grow as artists, citizen scientists, and entrepreneurs through education, networking, and advocacy. Together with our members, we advance conservation and foster ethical field practices for the long-term benefit of all.

Does this sound like you?

You prefer to spend your waking hours—and maybe even your sleeping hours—outdoors. You are awed by scenic landscapes, can recite little-known facts about wildlife behavior, and/or easily match wildflowers to their proper blooming seasons in multiple geographic regions. You can identify other photographers’ camera makes and models from across a scenic overlook. You think hiking up a mountain with a heavy backpack full of camera gear—in a foot of snow—sounds like a raging good time. You know which lens filters are best for a specific genre of nature photography and can DIY a few from common household materials. But you still want to “level up” your nature photography, meet new people who geek out on the same nature and photography things you do, and contribute to scientific understanding, research, or public conservation efforts. If you can relate to any of these statements, you belong at NANPA.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what NANPA members like you say:

When you join NANPA, you will belong to a community of nature photographers where others are working through the same challenges you are, where you can find inspiration, role models and mentors, and where you can offer someone else a hand, too.

You will also be part of a community that is using nature photography to increase awareness and solve some of today’s most pressing conservation issues. A community committed to responsible field work and thinking about the long-term impact of the ways we obtain and share images. A community actively advocating for the rights of nature photographers and effecting change in Public Policy for intellectual property and public land access.

NANPA membership also provides immediate and tangible benefits to help you solve the challenges you face as a nature photographer—no matter your experience level.

Two female members in the field looking at images