Meet Our Volunteers!

NANPA wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for the many volunteers that graciously give of their time and talent. We are thankful for our current team of volunteers that includes:

NANPA Board MembersWhy Volunteer

Clay Bolt – President
Gabby Salazar – Vice President
Sean Fitzgerald – Past President
Bruce Haley –Treasurer
Eric Bowles – Board Member
Don Carter – Board Member
Gary Farber – Board Member
Jack Graham – Board Member
Morgan Heim – Board Member
Jaymi Heimbuch – Board Member
Gordon Illg – Board Member

NANPA Foundation

John Nuhn – President
Mary Jane Gibson – Vice President
Cindy Miller Hopkins – Past President
Alice Robertson – Secretary/Treasurer
Jorel Cuomo – Trustee
Bruce Haley – Trustee
Jane Halperin – Trustee
Dee Ann Pederson – Trustee
Sonia Wasco – Trustee

Committee Chairs

Kathy Adams Clark – Summit Program
Melissa Groo – Ethics
JP Bruce – Regional Events
Gary Farber – Summit Exhibits
Bruce Haley – Finance
Mark Larson – College Program
Mark Lukes – Nominations
Ted Moreno – Awards
John Nuhn – History, Past Presidents’ Council
Tom Richardson – Regional Events

Committee Members

Kathy Adams Clark – Past Presidents’ Council
Karine Aigner – High School
Roger Archibald – History
Niki Barrie – Communications/Marketing, Awards
Clay Bolt – Awards
Jeff Botkin – Ethics
Eric Bowles – Finance
Connie Bransilver – Past Presidents’ Council
Bill Campbell – Ethics; Past Presidents’ Council
Don Carter – College Program, High School Program, Regional Events
Jim Clark – Past Presidents’ Council, Awards
Ralph Clevenger – Nominations, Awards
Sharon Cohen Powers – History; Communications/Marketing; Past Presidents’ Council, Awards
Deanne Cunningham – Membership
Susan Day – Past Presidents’ Council, Awards
David DesRochers – Membership
Sean Fitzgerald – High School Program, Nominations
Michael Francis – Past Presidents’ Council
Deborah Freligh – Awards
Alexandra Garcia – Awards
Melissa Groo – Ethics
Darrell Gulin – Past Presidents’ Council
Erik Hagstrom – History
Bruce Haley – Past Presidents’ Council, Regional Events
Carl Heilman – Membership
Morgan Heim – Awards
Jeanne Hoadley – History
Lee Hoy – Communications/Marketing
Ruth Hoyt – Regional Events
Ted Keller – College Program
Gaston Lacombe – Awards
Lisa Langell – Membership
Mark Larson – Regional Events
Laurie Lemons – History
George Lepp – Awards
Bruce Lipsky – College Program
John Lock – Communications/Marketing
Mark Lukes – History; Past Presidents’ Council, Nominations
Steve Maka – Past Presidents’ Council
Scott Mead – Awards
Eric Moore – Awards
Ted Moreno – Membership
John Nuhn – Past Presidents’ Council
Shirley Nuhn – History
Benjamin Olson – College Program, Ethics
Susie Parrent – History
Bill Plunkett – Past Presidents’ Council
Kari Post – College Program
Brian Powell – History
Larry Richardson – Past Presidents’ Council
Alice Robertson – College Program, Finance
Laurie Rubin – Communications/Marketing
Gabby Salazar – Communications/Marketing, High School Program
Wendy Shattil – Communications/Marketing
Al Sieg – Past Presidents’ Council
David Small – History
Nathaniel Smalley – Ethics
Tyson Smith – Membership
Greg Vaughn – Communications/Marketing
Sonia Wasco – Awards
Michele Westmorland – Nominations
Dawn Wilson – Communications/Marketing

Volunteer Corps

Kathy Adams Clark – Meetup Organizer
Jim Akers – Meetup Organizer
Genevieve Benjamin – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Myer Bornstein – Meetup Organizer
Eric Bowles – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Donald Brown – Meetup Organizer
JP Bruce – Meetup Organizer
Bob Canepa – Meetup Organizer
Beverly Delidow – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Deborah Duke – Intermediate Photographers Advisory Group
Patricia Dumond – Intermediate Photographers Advisory Group
Catherine Etherton – Meetup Organizer
Susanna Euston – Meetup Organizer
Sean Fitzgerald – Meetup Organizer
Michael Forsberg – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Walter Foster – Intermediate Photographers Advisory Group
Elliot Framan – Meetup Organizer
Jeff Fretz – Meetup Organizer
Nick Fucci – Meetup Organizer
Ron Gaskins – Meetup Organizer
Tim Grey – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Bruce Haley – Meetup Organizer
Robert Hanson – Meetup Organizer
Haley Harbaugh – Webinar Subcommittee|
Michael Hare – Meetup Organizer
Paul Hassell – Meetup Organizer
Tom Haxby – Webinar Subcommittee
Jaymi Heimbuch – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Colin Hocking – Meetup Organizer
Gordon Illg – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Carl Johnson – Meetup Organizer
Lisa Langell – Webinar Subcommittee
Larry Levin – Meetup Organizer
Bill MacFarland – Meetup Organizer
Robert Mance – Meetup Organizer
Bonnie Marquette – Meetup Organizer
Bridget Mayo – Meetup Organizer
Cheryl Opperman – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Jeff Parker – Meetup Organizer
John Pedersen – Intermediate Photographers Advisory Group
Brian Powell – Intermediate Photographers Advisory Group
Donald Quintana – Meetup Organizer
Mary Louise Ravese – Meetup Organizer
Bill Rudock – 2016 Webinar Presenter
Tom Simpson – NANPA Exhibit Booth Representative
Richard Spener – NANPA Exhibit Booth Representative
David Strozdas – Meetup Organizer
Gary Truchelut – Intermediate Photographers Advisory Group
Robert Wallace – Meetup Organizer
Mary White – Intermediate Photographers Advisory Group
Mike Zarella – Intermediate Photographers Advisory Group