Meet Our Volunteers!

NANPA wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for the many volunteers that graciously give of their time and talent. We are thankful for our current team of volunteers that includes:

NANPA Board MembersWhy Volunteer

Tom Haxby – President
Don Carter – Vice President
Gordon Illg – Past President
Bruce Haley –Treasurer
Eric Bowles – Board Member
Jon Holloway – Board Member
Lisa Langell – Board Member
Chuckie Luzier – Board Member
Alice Robertson – Board Member
Andrew Snyder – Board Member
Dawn Wilson – Board Member

NANPA Foundation

John Nuhn – President
Mary Jane Gibson – Vice President
Cindy Miller Hopkins – Past President
Jane Halperin – Secretary
Bruce Haley – Treasurer
Francine Butler – Trustee
Dee Ann Pederson – Trustee
Alice Robertson – Trustee
Molly Steinwald – Trustee
Sonia Wasco – Trustee

Committee Chairs

Kathy Adams Clark – Summit & Celebration Programs
Sean Fitzgerald – Advocacy
Michael Francis – Nominations & Past Presidents’ Council
Bruce Haley – Finance
Jane Halperin – Advocacy
David Huth – Conservation
Kathy Lichtendahl – High School Program
Ted Moreno – Awards
John Nuhn – History
Shirley Nuhn – History
Tom Richardson – Regional Events
Andrew Snyder – Conservation
Ryan Trenkamp – College Program
Jennifer Leigh Warner – Ethics
Michele Westmorland – College Program

Committee Members

Barbara Adams – Awards
Kathy Adams Clark – Awards, Past Presidents’ Council
Josh Asel – Ethics
Nikhil Bahl – Ethics
Alyce Bender – Marketing/Communications
Clay Bolt – Conservation
Eric Bowles – Finance, Awards
Connie Bransilver – Past Presidents’ Council
Bill Campbell – Past Presidents’ Council
Tom Carlisle – Ethics
Don Carter – College Program, High School Program, History, Regional Events
Jim Clark – Past Presidents’ Council
Sharon Cohen-Powers – Past Presidents’ Council
Deanne Cunningham – Awards
Daniel Dietrich – Ethics
Deborah Duke – Marketing/Communications
Randy Dunn – High School Program
Tom Dwyer – Awards
John Ehrenfeld – Awards
Dee Ellison – Conservation
Sean Fitzgerald – Ethics
Michael Francis – Past Presidents’ Council
Teri Franzen – Marketing/Communications
Bernie Friel – Past Presidents’ Council
Melissa Groo – Conservation, Ethics
Darrell Gulin – Past Presidents’ Council
Erik Hagstrom – History
Bruce Haley – Past Presidents’ Council
Morgan Heim – Conservation
Jaymi Heimbuch – Conservation
Moose Henderson – Ethics
Mark Hendricks – Ethics
Jeanne Hoadley – History
Jon Holloway – Awards, College Program
Steven Johnson – Conservation
Nick Kanakis – Ethics
Ted Keller – College Program
Frans Lanting – Awards
JP Lawrence – College Program, High School Program
Jeri Love – Awards
Mark Lukes – Past Presidents’ Council
Chuckie Luzier – Nominations
Ed MacKerrow – Ethics
Steve Maka – Past Presidents’ Council
Alton Marsh – Awards
Amanda Mason – High School Program
Diana McPherson – Ethics
Michael Milicia – Ethics
Robin Moore – Conservation
Matt Morrissette – Awards
John Nuhn – Past Presidents’ Council
Benjamin Olson – Ethics, College Program
Cheryl Opperman – Awards
Jeff Parker – Awards
Bill Plunkett – Past Presidents’ Council
Brian Powell – History
Donald Quintana – Conservation
Mary Louise Ravese – Summit/Celebration Planning
Larry Richardson – Past Presidents’ Council
Bob Rickert – Finance
Alice Robertson – College Program, Finance
Natalie Robertson – Ethics
Gabby Salazar – Awards, Conservation, Past Presidents’ Council
Krisztina Scheeff – Regional Events
Krista Schlyer – Conservation
Karen Schuenemann – High School Program
Wendy Shattil – Marketing/Communications
Al Sieg – Past Presidents’ Council
Andy Smith – Ethics
Jennifer Smith – Awards
Richard Spener – Awards
Karen Ann Sullivan – Nominations
Ingrid Taylar – Ethics
Kika Tuff – High School Program
Michele Westmorland – Nominations
Dawn Wilson – Marketing/Communications

Volunteer Corps

Kathy Adams Clark – Meetup Organizer
Jim Akers – Meetup Organizer
Eric Bowles – Webinar Facilitator
John Canan – Webinar Facilitator
Bob Canepa – Meetup Organizer
Bob Coates – Webinar Facilitator
Deborah Duke – Meetup Organizer
Susanna Euston – Meetup Organizer
Sean Fitzgerald – Meetup Organizer
Frank Gallagher – Meetup Organizer
Steve Grundleger – Meetup Organizer
Robert Hanson – Meetup Organizer
Carl Johnson – Meetup Organizer
Henry Johnson – Meetup Organizer
Sastry Karra – Meetup Organizer
Bill MacFarland – Meetup Organizer
Amanda Mason – Meetup Organizer
Ken McCullough – Meetup Organizer
Michael Pucciarelli – Meetup Organizer
Donald Quintana – Meetup Organizer
Tom Richardson – Meetup Organizer
David Strozdas – Meetup Organizer
Audrey Tucker – Webinar Facilitator
Steve Vaughan – Meetup Organizer
Bridget Ye – Webinar Facilitator