Volunteer Opportunities


Below is a list of specific positions in which we currently need volunteer help. If you are interested in any of these positions, please email volunteers@nanpa.org or complete the Online Volunteer Form

Webinar Presenters
Interested in sharing your knowledge on a nature photography or business subject? NANPA is looking for webinar speakers to present a 15-60 minute webinar to fellow NANPA members. Webinars are typically scheduled around the speakers’ availability. We do the marketing and you increase your visibility and maybe even your following by reaching other NANPA members.
Time Commitment: Presentation + preparation time.
Experience/Skills Needed: Experience giving a presentation on your chosen topic. Training on delivering an online presentation is provided.

Webinar Facilitators
NANPA uses facilitators or hosts on each of its webinars to introduce the speaker (speaking points and biographical information is provided) and to relay questions from the audience to the speaker at the appropriate time during each webinar. Training on the webinar platform used is provided.
Time Commitment: 1.5 hours when serving as the facilitator of a webinar; facilitators are contacted to see who is interested/able to host each webinar so no one person has to do all webinars NANPA offers
Experience/Skills Needed: Comfortable speaking in front of a virtual audience. Training to handle the questions via the webinar technology platform is provided.

Blog Author
Do you have a project you’d like to promote, a technique you’re willing to share or a portfolio of images you would like to share? NANPA is looking for authors to write one or more blog posts for NANPA to distribute. More information about our blogs can be found at http://www.nanpa.org/learning/publications/nanpa-blog/.
Time Commitment: Time needed to author one (or more) 500-800 word blog post.
Experience/Skills Needed: Ability to write well about an experience; editing help is provided for submissions.

Video Editors
NANPA uses snippets from its recorded webinars to share weekly nature photography tips via social media. We’re looking for some volunteers with video editing experience that can splice sections of the webinar recordings into 1-2 minute (max) videos that NANPA can post online. The specific locations of the video that need to be extracted are provided along with a template for creating a title and ending slide to include in the video.
Time Commitment: Based on skill level of editing video; multiple editors mean less work for all volunteers
Experience/Skills Needed: Ability to edit video and create a “package” for promotion (examples can be found at https://www.facebook.com/nanpa.org/videos/10155031717367634/ or https://www.facebook.com/nanpa.org/videos/10154824633182634/)