Volunteer Opportunities

NANPA is actively seeking volunteers to fill the following roles

Email volunteers@nanpa.org or complete the online Volunteer Form to express interest in getting more involved.

Facebook Group Moderator

Want to help moderate NANPA’s Facebook Group? We’re looking for several more moderators to review/approve requests to join the Group, remove posts that violate the Group’s rules and communicate with Group members about rule violations.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/daily or at least several times a week as you are on Facebook.

Experience/Skills Needed: Familiarity with NANPA’s Facebook Group rules and ability to message through Facebook with Group members about rule violations. Training will be provided about the types of requests approved to be Group members.

Instagram Curator/Moderator @NANPApix

Love spending time on Instagram? Help NANPA manage its Instagram account by serving on the team of curators/moderators that monitor NANPA’s Daily Feature hashtag, choose featured photos, and curate the posts during non-takeover weeks. Our volunteer curators/moderators also schedule takeovers and help featured photographers login/schedule their posts during assigned takeover weeks.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours/week divided among team members Typically curators rotate weeks, so they are responsible for all 3-5 hours/week once or twice per month.

Experience/Skills Needed: Familiarity with how to post images and stories on Instagram and willingness to support other nature photographers during takeovers. Volunteers should be familiar with NANPA’s Instagram account as a follower before applying for this position. Experience using Iconosquare to schedule posts on Instagram is a plus.

Awards Committee Chair and Committee Members

NANPA’s Awards Committee is looking for a leader as well as committee members for the coming two-year cycle. Training for the committee chair is provided by the outgoing chair as well as materials used during the process. The committee members review submitted nomination forms, questionnaires and additional research and vote to determine committee’s recommended recipients. Committee members may also be asked to conduct research on finalist nominees.

Time Commitment for Committee Members: Attend approximately 4 video/teleconference meetings each year; 1-2 hours before each meeting reviewing nomination materials received.

Additional Time Commitment for Committee Chair: Spend an additional hour preparing for each meeting and 3-4 hours annually developing and facilitating the timeline for each award’s nomination process.

Experience/Skills Needed: Committee chair candidates should be well organized and detail oriented. Committee members should be available to attend meetings and willing to review applications and offer feedback on nominees’ materials.

Oral History Interviewers and Transcribers

Conduct oral history interviews in person or virtually. Interviewers should familiarize themselves with the oral history candidates’ biographies and develop a list of questions to ask during the recorded interview. Listening to previous interviews will give newcomers and idea of how to conduct the oral history interview.

Transcribers are also needed to listen to mp3 files and type up the interview in Microsoft Word.

Time Commitment for Interviewers: 3-4 hours per interview is needed for background work, setting up interview time and conducting interview.

Time Commitment for Transcribers: 5-6 hours per recording is needed for full transcription and proofreading.

Experience/Skills Needed: Interviewing skills needed for those conducting the interviews as well as quality audio or video recorder with 2 small mics if conducting the oral history interview in person. Typing skills are needed for those interested in the transcription positions.

Video Editor

Edit pre-identified snippets of NANPA’s recorded webinars to create short video clips for social media and other marketing opportunities. Insert title and closing slides, for example, and include music.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/webinar estimated

Experience/Skills Needed: Simple video editing software (such as iMovie or Adobe Spark) and some basic experience using it.

Webinar Facilitators

NANPA uses facilitators or hosts on each of its webinars to introduce the speaker (speaking points and biographical information is provided) and to relay questions from the audience to the speaker at the appropriate time during each webinar. Training on the webinar platform used is provided.

Time Commitment: 1.5 hours when serving as the facilitator of a webinar; facilitators are contacted to see who is interested/able to host each webinar, so no single person has to do all webinars NANPA offers

Experience/Skills Needed: Comfortable speaking in front of a virtual audience. Training to handle the questions via the webinar technology platform is provided.

Blog Post Authors

Get your name, images, and/or a project in front of others by contributing one or more posts to NANPA’s blog. Topics vary widely and might include a technique you’d like to share, a favorite subject or location to shoot, tips or reviews to help others select specific types of gear, conservation stories and ongoing projects, citizen science projects you’ve become engaged in, etc. Blog articles should be original, unpublished content (not reprints from your own or other organizations’ blogs). More information about our blogs can be found at http://www.nanpa.org/learning/publications/nanpa-blog/.

Time Commitment: Time needed to author at least one blog post approximately 500-1500 words in length.

Experience/Skills Needed: Ability to write clear and engaging text in your area(s) of experience/expertise; editing help is provided. Prospective contributors should be familiar/have read other posts on our blog before submitting an idea.

Ready to get involved? Please let us know what your interests are by completing this form.