NANPA Weekly Wow

Giant Clam Detail, Banda Sea, Indonesia © Peter Hartlove

Giant Clam Detail, Banda Sea, Indonesia © Peter Hartlove

Each week highlights 7 images from the top 100 submissions of the NANPA Showcase competition. This week’s images are by:

Peter Hartlove – Giant Clam Detail, Banda Sea, Indonesia

Mark Lagrange – Falling in the Smoky Mountains, Great Smoky Mountain NP

Matthew Moses – Star Trails, Wisconsin

James Heupel – Northern lights glow green on Hudson Bay, remote area, Hudson Bay Canada

Cindy Goeddel – Bobcat leaping, a pounce that can span 10 feet. , Yellowstone National Park

Diana Rebman – Mating Dragonflies with Reflection, Yolo Bypass, Sacramento, CA

Mark Buckler – Mallard Pair, Outer Banks, NC


  • Male Allen's Hummingbird Stretches and Shows off, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California (Category: Birds)
    © Corey Raffel
  • Dangling danger!, San Patricio County, Texas (Category: Macro/Micro/All Other)
    © Cissy Beasley
  • An Ethereal Island Scene, Maui, Hawaii (Category: Scapes)
    © Scott Reither
  • Condominiums Loom over Juvenile Manta Ray, Jupiter, Florida (Category: Conservation)
    © Bryant Turffs
  • Rufous Hummingbird Turf Dispute, Near Aztec, New Mexico (Category: Birds)
    © Jim Ramakka
  • Spring Flowers, Snohomish, Washington (Category: Macro/Micro/All Other)
    © Steve Whisnant
  • Crane Chaos, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama (Category: Altered Reality)
    © Thomas Yackley


The NANPA 2017 Showcase Competition Opens August 1, 2016. Enter your winning image.