NANPA Weekly Wow: Aug 8-14

"Mauritius ornate day gecko, Phelsuma ornata, Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius" © Gabby Salazar

“Mauritius ornate day gecko, Phelsuma ornata, Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius” © Gabby Salazar

Each week highlights 7 images from the top 100 submissions of the 2016 NANPA Showcase competition. This week’s images are by:

Sean Crane – “Baby King Penguin and Setting Sun, Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands”

Jeff Vanuga – “Milky Way over the Moulton Barn., Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.”

Tony Frank – “Ice Cave river, Iceland”

F. M. Kearney – “Fall foliage, NY Botanical Garden”

Mark Lagrange – “How I imagine this settlement home 100 years ago, Great Basin National Park”

Gabby Salazar – “Mauritius ornate day gecko, Phelsuma ornata, Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius”

Nancy Belcher – “Dogwood on the Merced River, Yosemite National Park ”


  • Flamboyant, Kirkjufell Mountain, Iceland (Category: Scapes)
    © Vandana Bajikar
  • 'Taking Flight' is an art image showing the sandhill crane wing and leg positions as it becomes airborne., Bosque del Apache NWR San Antonio, NM (Category: Altered Reality)
    © Bob Coates
  • Female Lion (Panthera leo) and Cub Reflected in a Small Waterhole., Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, Africa (Category: Mammals)
    © Frieda Fast
  • Male Red Winged Blackbird stakes out his territory, singing on a crispy spring morning. , Alexandria Virginia (Category: Birds)
    © Stan Bysshe
  • Jaguar, Panthera Onca, female having a walk with her cubs, Mato Grosso, Pantanal, Brazil (Category: Mammals)
    © Pablo Cersosimo
  • Leaping lechwes. These lechwes (pronounced LETCH-ways) graze in marshy areas and it does not take much for them to show off their jumping abilities. , Chobe National Park, Botswana (Category: Mammals)
    © Carol Grenier
  • This smashing mantis shrimp is holding tightly to its ribbon of eggs while darting through coral crevasses. It must be hard to keep this growing mother lode together., Anilao, Philippines (Category: Macro/Micro/All Other)
    © Sharon Wada

The NANPA 2017 Showcase Competition is now open. Enter your winning image by September 26. The contest features 5 categories: Mammals, Birds, Scapes, Macro/Micro/Other, Altered Reality. Learn more