NANPA Weekly Wow

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Each week highlights 7 images from the top 100 submissions of the NANPA Showcase competition. This week’s images are by:

James Heupel – “3 Humminbirds trying to feed on flower, Pichincha Province, Ecuador”

Christopher Gray – “Milky Way at Dead Vlie, Namibia, Africa”

Diane McAllister – “Kodiak bears, Uganik River Kodiak AK”

Mark Hayward – “Arctic Fox, Nanuvat Territory, Canada”

William Tyler – “Pholcid spider holding eggs in her jaws., La Selva Beach, California”

Bill Klipp – “Brown Pelican Diving, Varadero Cuba”

Cindy Goeddel – “Fox Mousing Jump:Peter Pan and His Shadow, Yellowstone National Park”

This Week’s Images

  • Pink Peony abstract., Indianapolis, IN, USA (Category: Altered Reality)
    © Wendy Kaveney
  • A young giraffe stands tall beside his family members. , Olerai Conservancy, Kenya (Category: Mammals)
    © Sophia Balunek
  • Icicles hanging from ice ledge over river's edge., Eagle River, Alaska (Category: Macro/Micro/All Other)
    © Ray Bulson
  • Bison silhouetted against geyser steam vent, Yellowstone (Category: Mammals)
    © Ashfaq Marghoob
  • Sparring Bulls - a pair of sparring Tule Elk from the Tomales Point herd at Point Reyes National Seashore, Point Reyes National Seashore (Category: Mammals)
    © Edgar Molina
  • Raptor rehabilitation in Maryland isn't just about the birds but of the amazing women who get them back to health. Evelyn Lewis, a perennial volunteer at the Owl Moon Raptor Rehab Center, flies Michael, a red-shouldered hawk recovering from rodenticide poisoning. Michael's poisoning left her on the cusp of death, with the help of dedicated volunteers like Evelyn, not only has Michael recovered from her poisoning, but she is beginning the process of flight training for her upcoming release., Owl Moon Raptor Center (Category: Conservation)
    © Julian Jacobs
  • The Dangerous Toy - Everything in a California sea lion pup’s environment is a potential toy. Sadly, sometimes their toys are pieces of garbage that are entering the ocean and arriving at their remote, uninhabited homes on ocean currents. On this day, in the span of two dives, I was able to collect six pieces of garbage they were playing with including the one pictured., Coronado Islands, Baja California, Mexico (Category: Conservation)
    © Celia Kujala


The NANPA Showcase Competition opens on August 1 each year. Enter your winning image when the contest opens this year!