David Armer

David Armer was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. In grade school, he used his dad’s Kodak Brownie to shoot anything and everything. In middle school, his graphic arts teacher taught him black and white processing and printing, which was the real beginning of his love for photography.

After high school, David decided to join the Navy and see the world. Through hard work and determination, he was able to become a Navy photographer as well as a naval aircrewman. After a couple of tours in the Navy, he settled in Montana.

David and his wife lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for a few years after he was invited to become a photographer for the Air Force Academy. He documented the cadets’ everyday lives, including NCAA sports, which he found very challenging. Because of his passion for wildlife, the falconry team was one of his favorite subjects to photograph.

David and his wife eventually returned to Montana. He still loves photography and gets out to shoot as often as he can. His efforts have resulted in a few awards and appearances in a few magazines.

View more of David’s work at Armerphotography.com.

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