Jeff Vanuga

Jeff Vanuga is a full-time professional photographer based in Dubois, Wyoming; he has 40 years of experience shooting advertising, editorial media, books and assignments for major publications and corporations.

As a young student Jeff won the 1979 National Wildlife Photographic Competition and continued his passion for photography after graduating from college with a degree in wildlife management. His interest in photography has taken him to leading photographic tours and workshops for companies such as Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris, National Geographic Expeditions, Nature’s Best Photography, the African Wildlife Foundation and NANPA. His favorite locations to photograph include Antarctica, South Georgia, Yellowstone, Iceland and Africa.

Jeff’s membership with NANPA goes back to the very beginning; he was a founding member. He served on NANPA’s original Ethics Committee and has placed in several Showcase competitions. He is represented by Getty Images and the Nature Picture Library.

See more of Jeff’s work at, on Facebook at Jeff Vanuga Photographer, and on Instagram at @jeff_vanuga.

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