Autumn Alaska Bald Eagles with Jess Lee

If you love Bald Eagles as much as Jess does, you won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to photograph Bald Eagles in Alaska. Jess will share his intimate knowledge of Alaska Eagle locations few have ever seen and the best ways to photograph them. We will take our small group to numerous locations with beautiful shorelines and magnificent mountain back drops. During the workshop we will utilize a charter boat to photograph eagles catching fish and you will also have a good possibilities of photographing sea otters! Bring plenty of image storage because you will shoot thousands of Bald Eagle photos as they fish ,fly and perch in front of your 70-200 or wider lens.

Alaska Autumn Aurora with Jess Lee

Experience and photograph the wonders of the Aurora or Northern Lights during October before the arctic cold sets in for the winter. This will give us the unique experience during a time when the Aurora is at a yearly peak and photograph it and its reflection on still open waters before the Arctic cold grips the land.

Even though many people associate the aurora with cold and snowy winter scenery, the most active seasons are actually autumn and spring when the earth’s orientation towards the sun maximizes the probability of solar flares interacting with the planet’s magnetic field to generate this phenomenon.

Winner’s Profile- Mark Kelley



In springtime, before the salmon start running up the creeks, many bald eagles hang out on the icebergs in Tracy Arm looking for food. © Mark Kelley


How many of your images will win? The 2018 NANPA Showcase competition is accepting entries until October 1, 2017 at 11:00 p.m. EDT. The annual competition is a wonderful opportunity for you to submit your best photography and have it evaluated by three notable professional nature photographers- George Lepp, Roy Toft and Darrel Gulin .  You may even have your image published in our annual Expressions publication which features the top 250 images from those entered.  For more details about the 2018 NANPA Showcase competition, check out the website.

Over 3,300 images were submitted last year. One of the key NANPA Showcase 2017 winners is Mark Kelley, a photographer based in Juneau, Alaska.  Mark had nine images featured in the 2017 Expressions, including Best in Show for “Eagle Hell,” Judge’s Choice for “Hiker Inside Glacier Ice Cave,” and First Runner-Up for “Drizzly Bear.”  All of these images were made in Alaska and reflect the photographer’s passion for this beautiful state.

“Eagle Hell” Best of Show winner in the birds category for the 2017 NANPA Showcase Competition. A smudged up bald eagle use a discarded stool as a perch in the Adak dump where it scavenges on caribou hides and carcasses left by hunters. (See hide in lower left corner) © Mark Kelley

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