Brown Bears at Lake Clark, Alaska with Dawn Wilson

Join professional and award-winning wildlife photographer, Dawn Wilson, for a chance of a lifetime to photograph brown bears in their natural coastal habitat in Alaska. We will travel to scenic Lake Clark National Park and Preserve to be in the bear’s world where we will watch and photograph them as they chase salmon, dig for clams in the mud flats, feed on sedge grasses in the meadows, play, and possibly see little cubs.

Additional optional activities and opportunities include fishing, photographing the lush landscape of inactive volcanoes and beaches, and a boat trip to Puffin Island (weather permitting). Here we will have the opportunity to photograph puffins as they fly about bringing sand eels back to their nests, sea otters lounging on the beach, and other shore birds on the island and floating on the water.

Limited to six participants. $4800 NANPA member price.

Alaska Brown Bears with Daniel J. Cox

Daniel has photographed grizzlies in the wilds of Alaska for well over a decade. His guidance and experience assist in giving guests the opportunity to take their own amazing images. We invite you to join us in this exceptional bear-viewing location where no viewing platforms are used. Peaceful encounters with these magnificent giants of the north—there is nothing more exhilarating than photographing these bears! Beware: this trip can be addictive!!

Katmai Bears with Art Wolfe

Join Art as he leads this exclusive workshop to a private lodge in the Katmai region of Alaska. You will have opportunities to view and photograph bears safely and will be creating dynamic images that are different than anything you have seen before. This is a Katmai experience like no other due to the exclusivity of the location and the expert guidance. You can be one of only 8 people to learn the nuances of nature photography taught in a truly wild atmosphere by a well-versed set of instructors.
Limited to 8 participants. Assisted by Gavriel Jecan.

Alaska Glaciers with Michael DeYoung

Fully immerse yourself in an ultimate northern landscape photographic adventure exploring Southcentral Alaska’s shrinking glaciers up close and personal along with its rugged, coastal mountains and abundant waters. Led by travel and adventure photography team, Michael and Lauri DeYoung, one of Alaska’s most commercially successful outdoor photographers, this will be far from your average photo tour.

This tour includes landscape and marine wildlife opportunities in Southcentral Alaska, Prince William Sound, and the Kenai Peninsula. Timed to coincide with peak fireweed and other wildflower blooms, the tour consists of three flex days working the best of roadside available landscapes that include hiking to cool locations from road accessible trailheads. Four days, including an overnight wilderness camp, will be spent at off the highway locations, including two full-day boat tours and two full-day active tours that involve hiking and paddling in protected glacier lakes often choked with icebergs and hemmed in with stunning mountain scenery in verdant green landscapes.

Alaska Bears of Katmai with Shiv Verma

Coastal Grizzly Bears and Walrus will be our primary subjects but we may also see Wolf, Lynx, Moose, Beaver, Caribou, Dall sheep, Seals, Fox, Sea Otters, Tundra Swan, Puffins, and Bald Eagles. This is the best location on Planet Earth to observe and photograph the giant coastal grizzlies (brown bears). In this perfect wilderness, you will watch bears fishing for salmon, digging for clams, eating sedge grasses or grazing on blueberries on the alpine tundra. Visit one of the world’s only photographable walrus pods on a remote Baring Sea beach.

The lodge provides a true wilderness experience. Iliamna and Redoubt are two active volcanoes in Lake Clark National Park. Iliamna has not erupted recently but is frequently seen steaming from its summit fumaroles. Redoubt erupted in the spring of 2009. Both these volcanoes provide an excellent backdrop for coastal brown bear photography.

How to Chase and Shoot the Aurora

Aurora borealis over Turnagain Arm in Chugach National Forest, Alaska, in mid-March.

Aurora borealis over Turnagain Arm in Chugach National Forest, Alaska, in mid-March.

From the Editor:  Award-winning landscape and nature photographer Carl Johnson has been living in Alaska for almost 20 years and is an expert on shooting auroras.  On Friday, August 17th, at 2 PM EDT, he will present a NANPA Webinar, “Chasing & Photographing the Aurora Borealis. This webinar covers the science behind the aurora, the tools available to predict and plan for it (including websites and apps that provide real-time and forecasting information), tips on when and where to photograph it, and what gear and techniques to use. For more information or to sign up, click here.

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Above the Arctic Circle

One of the most stunning sights in Gates of the Arctic, the sharply serrated Arrigetch Peaks shown here in the warmth of late evening light. © Jerry Ginsberg

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Backing Up

View from atop Hunt’s Mesa in Monument Valley Tribal Park of the Navajo Nation, AZ. © Jerry Ginsberg

Story and photographs by Jerry Ginsberg


To apply some advice that I received several years ago, one hard drive will annoy ya….two are a paranoia. The hard truth is that only three things in life are certain: death, taxes and hard drive failures. They all have finite life spans. No matter how sophisticated your drives may be, given enough use over enough time, they will fail.  Not if, but when.

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Humpback Whales in Southeast Alaska

Story and photography by Neil McDermott

Humpback Whale. © Neil McDermott

     The only place on earth you can observe Humpback whales working as a team bubble net feeding, is here in the pristine, nutrient rich waters of Southeast Alaska. This most impressive act of cooperative feeding was on display from early October to Mid-November in the Eastern Channel and up towards Silver Bay in front of the aptly named whale Park here in Sitka, Alaska.

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