Galapagos with Charles Gangas

On this photo tour you will have lots of time and opportunities with Blue-footed Boobies, 2 species of Frigatebirds, Marine and Land Iguanas, Galapagos Sea Lions, Galapagos Tortoises (in the wild) and many other species of birds including many of Darwin’s finches. We will have a day trip to visit Hood Island and photograph the nesting Galpagos Albatrosses. On isabela Island we should have some nice opporunties with Galapagos Penguin and we will try for Galapagos Hawk as well as Galapagos Rail. The vast majority of the wildlife in the Galapagos is tame, so you don’t need a monster lens, I use an intermediate zoom most of the time. During your extra day in Quito you will be staying at a lodge where you can photograph hummingbirds. This is a hotel based Galapagos photo tour. We will stay in highly rated hotels on 3 different islands, San Cristobal, Isabela and Santa Cruz and visit several other islands on this tour. Staying in lodges versus on a boat gives us the advantages of being able to spend more time at the right time of day for photography in many locations and it gives us more comfort with larger rooms. It’s also much less expensive for those wanting a single room.

Galapagos with Ossian Lindholm and Lauren Hefferon

$500 for All NANPA Members through 12/31/2017

An exclusive photo expedition that opens your mind to the globally important wildlife, vibrant culture, and stunning volcanic landscapes of the world’s most enchanting islands

Straddling the equator some 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador are Las Islas Encantadas, or the Enchanted Islands. Better known as the Galapagos Archipelago, these pristine and exotic islands are a nature lover’s paradise and one of the most unique and coveted photographic destinations in the world. What makes these isles so perfect for photography adventures are their unique wildlife and beautiful tropical scenery. The Galapagos Islands matter because it’s here that you experience Darwin’s discoveries up close and witness the incredible story of natural diversity and how it helped to shake and shape scientific history.

Our nature lovers’ photo tour aboard the luxury 16-passenger boat, the Beluga, is unique from other photo tours that travel on larger vessels. Cruising the islands on the Beluga with Travel Vision, you will enjoy the teachings of a full-time Galapagos naturalist and the one-on-one instruction by world-class nature photographer Ossian Lindholm. With the expert crew of the Beluga, the pioneers of Galapagos small boat travel, you will not only relax as you enjoy their impeccable service, you will also get closer to shore and visit the islands at the most ideal times, all thanks to over 30 years of experience perfecting the island hopping itinerary experience.

This exclusive tour offers you total immersion in this natural world, one that’s truly primeval. Here, lizards, penguins, and blue-footed boobies share the beach with us, unconcerned by our presence. You’ll capture amazing memories as you walk along bright, white sandy beaches framed by crystal-clear aqua waters.

And because our Galapagos adventure is based on a small boat (rather than in a hotel or large cruise boat), you’ll be able to delve more deeply into all that they have to offer. Our guide will take us in small boats to swim with sea lions, roaming inland verdant hills, or hiking to vantage points overlooking the famous marine iguanas. Our daily rest periods on the boat will allow precious teaching moments and one-on-one reviews with master photographer Ossian Lindholm.

Throughout this very special adventure, your camera becomes the third eye you need to view and capture this rare destination up close. Every step of the way, you’ll receive hands-on instruction and guidance from Ossian, who will ensure you have plenty of opportunities to get the perfect shot of a hummingbird, a blue-footed booby, or a barking seal. You’ll also have plenty of time to review your photos with him and he’ll provide useful feedback on how to edit and make your photographic vision come alive.

From the people to the scenery to the wildlife, you will experience Las Islas Encantadas from the most privileged points of view and return home a better photographer with the most precious photos you have ever taken. We can guarantee that you will be forever transformed and enchanted by these islands. So, get ready to capture paradise on the photographic adventure journey of a lifetime!

Channel Islands National Park – America’s Galapagos

Story and Photography by Jerry Ginsberg


Camping on Anacapa will allow you to capture a great sunrise from spectacular Inspiration Point at the island’s east end.  © Jerry Ginsberg

We are accustomed to driving to our national parks. This is definitely not the case with Channel Islands National Park. This little archipelago of a half-dozen rocks jutting out of the Pacific Ocean a few miles off the coast of central California is reachable only by a short boat ride. This rather contradictory blend of remoteness and accessibility offers some unique opportunities for us photographers.

The Channel Islands are called America’s Galapagos – and for good reason. A wide variety of birds and pinnipeds are in plentiful supply. Western gulls find safety here. Continue reading