Badlands National Park with Chuck Haney

One of my favorite prairie parks is the uncrowded Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Much like Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, the badlands here come alive with the warm light of early morning or late evening. June is a great time to visit the park as dramatic thunderstorms can sweep across the plains making for great photo ops. There is also typically a variety of prairie wildlife to photograph such as bison with newborn tawny colored calves, prairie dogs, pronghorn antelope and surprisingly enough, bighorn sheep with lambs. Outside of the park boundary is also worth exploring as there are old granaries, rusty automobiles and ghost towns on the vast high plains that make great photo subjects. You don’t want to miss this Badlands National Park Photo Tour!

Badlands National Park with Tom Croce

Join us in the beautiful Badlands National Park and surrounding Great Plains for 4 days of photographing the buttes and pinnacles of The Badlands National Park and surrounding National Grassland.
We will spend several hours each day, as long as the light allows, shooting the landscapes.
The exact location and subjects will be determined by the weather. Each day’s schedule will vary depending on the weather, but in general we will be photographing all day. This will be hands on learning and all questions and issues will be addressed in the field, but there will be plenty of time for image critique and processing help.
This workshop will require a moderate amount of hiking over rough, uneven terrain. Participants should be comfortable with their ability to negotiate a hike of up to a two miles over rough, uneven and at time steep terrain.

Returning to Badlands National Park

Yellow Mounds area in Badlands National Park, SD.

Yellow Mounds area in Badlands National Park, SD.

Story and Photos by Jerry Ginsberg

In my many columns for NANPA, I have never repeated a particular location. Until now. As a result of events described below, it seems fitting to add a new insight on a familiar location.

Being a National Park Artist in Residence

Last year, I had the privilege of being chosen by Badlands National Park in South Dakota as their Artist in Residence for the fall season. Many units of the National Park Service offer these opportunities, which appear on In addition to National Parks, many other units (National Monuments, Scenic Trails, Historical Parks, Battlefields and more) in the system offer such opportunities. The process is very competitive with many artists across a wide spectrum of disciplines—visual, writing, performance, etc.—submitting applications. And the actual judging criteria remains unknowable.

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Channel Islands National Park – America’s Galapagos

Story and Photography by Jerry Ginsberg


Camping on Anacapa will allow you to capture a great sunrise from spectacular Inspiration Point at the island’s east end.  © Jerry Ginsberg

We are accustomed to driving to our national parks. This is definitely not the case with Channel Islands National Park. This little archipelago of a half-dozen rocks jutting out of the Pacific Ocean a few miles off the coast of central California is reachable only by a short boat ride. This rather contradictory blend of remoteness and accessibility offers some unique opportunities for us photographers.

The Channel Islands are called America’s Galapagos – and for good reason. A wide variety of birds and pinnipeds are in plentiful supply. Western gulls find safety here. Continue reading

Badlands National Park

Story and Photography by Irene Hinke-Sacilotto

Hikers at Sunset © Irene Hinke-Sacilotto

A Scenic and Wildlife Photography Paradise

Badlands National Park is a terrific destination for landscape and wildlife photographers. It is the location of my June 2017 photo workshop, co-lead by Sandy Zelasko.   The park is a convenient hour drive east from Rapid City on Interstate 90. North of the Pinnacles Entrance lies the town of Wall where you can find accommodations and other amenities. Near Cedar Pass, at the eastern end of the park, there are campgrounds, cabins, and a few other places to overnight. Continue reading