Bosque del Apache with Maresa Pryor-Luzier and Chuck Luzier

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most beautiful places at sunrise/sunset to photography Sandhill Cranes, and Snow geese in the United States. The brilliant colors associated with New Mexico, entice the soul of thousands each year. Enjoy learning with husband and wife team, Chuck Luzier and Maresa Pryor-Luzier, their combined experience alone in technical knowledge of equipment, wildlife, and easy going teaching style will make this enjoyable for all in attendance.

This group is limited to 8 photographers, (Minimum of 3) with 2 people to each room. Lodging is included, Single supplement is $220.00 and subject to availability. Not included is meals, transportation (air and ground.)

Bosque del Apache with Sandy Zelasko & Irene Hinke-Sacilotto

Situated along the Rio Grande River, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge covers more than 57,000 acres and is a major wintering ground for cranes and waterfowl. In November, large flocks of snow geese and sandhill cranes will be present. At night to escape predators, the birds flock to the marshes and shallow pools. With dawn, the snow geese and other waterfowl rise in mass from the wetlands and sweep overhead on their way to nearby fields to feed. Each day we will spend the early morning and late afternoon hours at the refuge photographing birds and many other species of wildlife which are present at the sanctuary.
Equally as impressive, we could find wild turkeys roaming wooded areas, coyotes hunting for waterfowl, dabblers and divers feeding in the ponds and early morning mule deer. We could see kit, red and gray fox or get really lucky and witness an elusive bobcat. Following is a link to a comprehensive list of wildlife on the refuge,

Birds and Wildlife of Ecuador with Steve Gettle

Experience the wonders of the Andean cloudforest as we photograph birds and other wildlife of the Tandayapa Valley and Sumaco foothills. Stand upon the paramo where condors soar and encounter a completely different set of high elevation species. Photograph some of the most stunning subjects Ecuador has to offer! Then join us for an optional extension to Sani for a genuine journey into the most biologically diverse place in the world, deep in the heart of the Amazon!

From the valley of Tandayapa and foothills of Sumaco to the mountain tops of the Andes, this trip will take you on a marvelous tour of wildlife and habitat diversity!

Throughout this photo adventure, we will explore a range of elevations that bring you in contact with wildlife species that fill exclusive niches within their unique habitats. Ecuador has 130 of the world’s 330 species of hummingbirds. Just imagine dozens of hummingbird species, different at each elevation, displaying unique colors, bill adaptations, and behaviors that enable them to thrive. Swordbills, Violet-tailed Sylphs, sunangels, Booted Racket-tails, thorntails and more! Steve Gettle has been using high-speed flash to capture these winged jewels in flight for over 25 years. For this trip we will bring along our own 6 light highspeed flash system and connect your camera to it so you can capture the brilliance of these birds in flight.

In addition to hummingbirds, you will find yourself in the midst of hundreds of other exciting bird species! All within reach of your camera, we will photograph unique birds like the Golden-headed Quetzal, tanagers, toucans, barbets, woodcreepers, flowerpiercers, treehunters, redstarts, becards, and euphonias, just to name a few. We will visit the lek of the coveted Andean Cock-of-the-Rock and photograph males as they defend territory and display for females. Antpittas are always high on the list of our clients to see and photograph. These secretive little birds are a lot of fun and we have a special field trip lined up that gives you just such an opportunity.

Beyond the birds, you will also want to bring along a macro lens to photograph the many butterflies, moths, reptiles and amphibians. Additionally, the jungle really comes alive after the sun goes down. So we will be out to experience the night life of the jungle, including owls, bats, insects and other nocturnal creatures.

This trip is not to be missed! We have selected lodges and lined up field trips designed to put you in the heart of the cloud forest and on the top of the mountains. We visit private reserves with a profusion of life so you can immerse yourself in the wonders of nature while capturing incredible images!

We are naturalists as well as photographers and keep our eyes and ears open for wild encounters everywhere we go to bring you the most memorable experiences and incredible photographs possible!

South Africa Safari with Tom Mace

What is Included?
• Round Trip Airfare from Atlanta GA to Johannesburg South Africa (15 hr non-stop flight)
• Overnight Stay at Hotel D’Oreale Grande, in Johannesburg
• Transfer to Makutsi Game Reserve
• 7 Nights, 8 Days
• Daily Game Drives
• Breakfast and Dinner Included, Lunch is on your own at restaurant on site
• Lodging in a South African Rondavel (bungalow), including 2 natural spring pools, bar and restaurant.
• Dedicated Photography Instruction, including post processing and critique
• No Single Supplement Charges!
• Non-Photography Spouses/Travelers Welcome

Join us on an amazing photography Safari in South Africa. We will be in a setting where your opportunity to photograph lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, and buffalo (Big 5) are amazingly accessible to our photographers. Giraffe, hippos, crocodiles, cheetah, and many other hoofed and clawed animals will be on show during this excursion. Our visit in late August is during the dry season where the grasses are short and the wildlife congregates around water. There will be ample opportunities to capture the rich diversity of nature from our open top Safari vehicles to the back porch of your Rondavel. Our lodging is a unique private reserve with over 9,000 hectares or roughly 22,000 acres of vast African nature, about an hour drive west of Kruger National Park. The surreal camp is not fenced, which allows wildlife to roam and offers client’s unique possibilities to photograph from their deck. Whether you are an experienced or hobbyist photographer, this trip will afford you incredible opportunities to capture wildlife photographs of a lifetime. During this trip, Tom will be instructing you on both the technical and creative aspects of wildlife photography while at the resort and on Safari. He will spend time supporting you and your attempts to capture amazing pictures, regardless of subject and setting.

Tufted Puffins in WA with Tim Boyer

We’ll go to one of the only spots left to photograph Tufted Puffins in the San Juan Islands. This two-day workshop is scheduled to take advantage of the summer weather we have in late July and timed for when the Tufted Puffins are feeding their chicks. Tufted Puffins, Pigeon Guillemots, and Rhinoceros Auklets are the main targets. There are also other possibilities like; Great Blue Herons, and all three cormorant species (Brandt’s, Pelagic and Double-crested), Black Oystercatcher, Caspian Tern, Turkey Vulture, Western Sandpiper, Belted Kingfisher, Common Murre, Marbled Murrelet, Bald Eagles, and a variety of gulls.
We’ll be in a chartered 30-foot boat that sits lower in the water than the other/larger sightseeing boats. This means you’ll get better images on this workshop then if you go on a big boat.

Iceland and Birds of the Arctic with Greg Downing

During a new Iceland photography tour, enjoy an itinerary mainly focused on Arctic bird photography including 3 days at Grímsey Island in the Arctic Circle.

Featuring a wealth and wide variety of incredible photography opportunities, northeast Iceland is one of the best places on Earth to photograph cliff-dwelling birds such as colorful and comedic Atlantic puffins, razorbills, murres, gannets, fulmars, and many other seabirds.

At Grímsey we will be right on the Arctic Circle, spending time searching for and photographing nesting Arctic species and vagrants. As your group works east and northward from your starting point in Reykjavík, you will marvel at the beautiful sights at every turn. Only our Iceland photography tour shows you the best of Iceland’s birds with other marvelous sights such as volcanos and waterfalls.

From the Archives: Secrets for Capturing Stunning Photographs of Birds

Editor’s Note:  With spring finally making an appearance across the United States, birds are very active; building nests for their young, looking for food during much of the day, and treating us to their beautiful songs and chirps.  This piece by Melissa Groo appeared in 2016 and is very worthwhile reading for this season.  DL

Story and Photos by Melissa Groo


© Melissa Groo

Melissa Groo is an award-winning wildlife photographer, writer, teacher, and speaker. She writes a regular column on wildlife photography for Outdoor Photographer magazine, and her photos have been published in many magazines, including Smithsonian, Audubon, and National Wildlife. Issues of conservation and ethics in photography are passions for her, but more than anything, she loves revealing the soul of her wild subjects and sharing that with others. Continue reading

Birds of San Diego County with Tim Boyer

Photograph Brown Pelicans, and cormorants in breeding plumage, and ducks, herons, shorebirds, gulls, terns, and skimmers. There are 60+ species of birds possible on this workshop. We go to more places and photograph more birds than other groups. We’ll also do some landscape photography of the Pacific Ocean, piers and waves at sunset. Four and a half days of instruction, with four morning, and four afternoon/evening shooting sessions. We’ll also do at least two post-processing session in the early afternoon.

Bosque del Apache and White Sands with Daniel J. Cox

It’s time for a winter break—join Daniel to photograph in Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, one of the top birding hotspots in North America! Winter is the best time to photograph the thousands of sandhill cranes, snow geese, and various ducks that migrate through the area. Endless photo opportunities in this world-famous wildlife refuge make it the perfect destination to enhance your photography skills.

We will sneak away to White Sands National Monument for an evening and morning shoot of these beautiful white dunes. Relax… Transfers, touring, meals, hotel, and one-on-one time with Dan in the field are all included. A perfect long weekend getaway!